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The Damned's Genesect and Volcanion Code Giveaway Thread!

The Damned

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And with tonight being the last few hours before Generation 7 begins,  figure... fuck it, only one person here entered and hasn't won yet.

So, MindWander, would you like to win be default? You could totally win by default.

Never mind, you're winning by default. I don't even know why I asked.


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I like this. Might have some codes to offer so that Damned continues this. For now I got 2 Arceus codes that may or may not have expired yet. Supposed to be for November 30 but not sure if that's November 30 western time zone, which means at least an hour and a half more to go.Just message me for them in your best tsundere speak and they're yours. =P

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