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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


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One thing that just completely disappointed me, was that there's no secret bomb a hole in a wall to go on, type deals. nothing. anywhere. They give you all these bombs, but nothing worth doing with them. And no reason to go back and explore dungeons you've already cleared.

At least in OoT, there were skulltulas that were hidden away behind bombable walls. And you always had -some- way of locating them. The poes? By day, nothing. Not even a trace. Link should be able to sniff the poes out, or something, but he can't.

You can blow up rocks to find rupees, heart pieces, those hidden grotto-places, alternate paths (such as to the zora areas), the two lantern-caves (one of which has two to four bombable walls at every intersection), a goron with a bomb bag, and (I'm pretty sure) at least one poe. So I wouldn't exactly say that there's none of that kind of thing anywhere.

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there were a lot of people who sped through at about twice the speed I was going, even though I got my copy on launch day.

I'll probably play through a second time. TP lacks a gimmick collectors sidequest, aside from the Poes, though. The pictographs in WW at least gave me some much-needed eye candy.

Gotta admit, WW's character interaction was the most "natural-feeling" we've seen yet in a Zelda game, considering the sheer number of characters, tasks and secrets on Windfall and Outset alone. And then there was the trading sidequest with the Gorons, which I was sad had no counterpart in TP.

Ball & Chain > all, though.

I will admit, I sped through the game, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Speaking of Wind Waker, I'm kinda glad I don't own the game, WHY?

Because of everything you could do, I'd still be playing the blasted game. I was taking every picture I could, I mostly waited to take a picture of a boss before taking characters pictures (It's like Poke'mon Snap, but a lot more epic).

The only thing though, is that I ran into a glitch. You see, when you're gathering all the triforce charts, you have to blow up a "Mohawk" ship at Needle Rock Isle. While I was playing the game, I was getting all parts of the map painted as I went along, and I unwittingly blew up that ship, and I can't find the place where I blew it up. So there I was, completely stuck in the game.

I have to admit, you're amongst the very few who thinks that game was more "natural" than the other Zelda games. I didn't like the idea of how it looked at first, but when I saw it in motion, I knew I was dead wrong, it was gorgeous, and it still is. Companies used cell shading as a gimmick, but Nintendo (and Sega) perfected it.

I'd love to see a Cell shaded mario game, it'd be very interesting.

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Where? I was only able to find them at night. There were some in certain areas that it took forever to find...mainly cause I just never went through those areas at night.

Yeah, Smoke, spill the beans. I'm almost certain it's impossible.

Or you're leading us on and it actually is impossible.

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