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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


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This is it people. In about 2 and a half weeks, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be released on the Wii, across the US. As far as we Europeans and the Japanese go, well, it's a matter of waiting and avoiding anything that spoils the game more then a simple review score.

I'm making this thread now because, and I must admit this, if there's a game series I'm a fanboy over, it's The Legend of Zelda. Maybe not an overall nintendo fanboy. But a Legend of Zelda fanboy? Hell yes. So I gotta be the creator for this thread right? Right.

Yeah, well, anyway, the real reason I made this was to discuss the game and the countless videos the internet has of it until launch day, day when I'll disappear from the Internet for as long as I can, maybe peeking in once or twice, until European Twilight Princess launch day. Damn spoilers.

Finally, the main motivation for this thread are the new trailers Nintendo released for Twilight Princess, on November 1st:

Trailers from the Wii website.

The first one is the intro sequence to Twilight Princess. It has a distinguished Shadow of Colossus look to it (someone affiliated with Nintendo made a direct reference to SotC inspiring TP in some areas, I can't seem to find that interview link right now...), and one of the classic Zelda tunes with an appropriate choral version. It's a nod to the intro for The Ocarina of Time. Instead of Link riding epona at night in a field, it's Link riding Epona at sunset in a rocky setting.

The other one is a typical game trailer, with the same music as this year's E3 trailer. As far as I can tell, the graphics seem to be equivalent to a souped up Metroid Prime 2. Which is saying something. From what we saw with SotC, we don't really need mind-blowing graphics to create visually appealing games nowadays.

We get to see Zelda (or so it seems) locked up again, doing what she does best, and Link's transformation into wolf form, which looks kinda lame. He's then dragged by... something and locked in the castle at the Twilight Realm, where the thing we know as Midna helps him get out. After E3, news got out that the Twilight Realm would not be in black and white, but in what could only be described as full bloom and tons of contrast. Frankly, what you'd get a headache with. Well, it seems they've toned it down, as it's a bit easier on the eyes. It's now sepia toned, with a bit more color.

Link running through a town with ghost, fighting white wolves, getting back to normal, the E3 demo dungeon, some generic fighting and Epona riding, Link rowing (!), fighting a boss by throwing him around, the balrog-looking boss from the original trailer and in the end the scene where he gets the master sword. Clocked at 2:05.

So far so good people!

Let's get on with the over-hyping and getting our expectations higher and higher and higher and then utterly crushed! :D

Or maybe... not.

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It's the only game I pre-ordered. I can't wait.

Yes you can. What you want to say is I am very excited over this game. You CAN wait. olo

But in all honesty, I've waited for this single game for far too long. I damn sure hope it blows my mind. But still, they've always delivered over what I hoped for anyway. Except with Wind Waker. Too much easy too little challenge. Also, the Great Sea.

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This is me ->>> :(

This is how much I have available to spend on wii -->> $30.67

Woe is me....

This is why I started saving like... Last freakin year.

I can't wait to spoil it for all the Europeans on this board.

I won't be here for this exact reason lalalala i can't hear you.

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Twilight Princess Title Screen

New Trailer with bloom-tastic Twilight Realm

Have fun thar.

I think it's finally hitting me.....where a little bit over 2 weeks away from a new Zelda game. :lol:8O:D:P


It's the only game I pre-ordered. I can't wait.

I pre-ordred this about a year and a half ago... I think its stil good, if i can find my proof of purchace.


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I really love the trailer (the second video), but the opening doesn't seem quite right...

It's obviously an OoT reference, but it doesn't need to have an OoT-style level of detail, does it? All just a bunch of low-poly rocks and flat grass-texture, besides the horse and Link themselves. Hopefully riding around the field there will be more to look at than is indicated from the trailer.

That, and I was surprised at the really low-quality music - especially the choir part (I'm no expert, but those samples sound just as bad as the poorly-used wonky portato female choir syllable and vowel sounds from Miroslav).

However, the second video (the trailer)... it uses that fantastic music from the previous trailer, and is much prettier to look at. I really hope they'll change the intro video (and the intro music - who wrote it, some noob?), but it doesn't exactly affect anything - as long as it doesn't indicate what we should expect from the in-game terrain (and the soundtrack).

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