What genre of music fits each style of Sonic best?

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On 4/13/2018 at 10:08 PM, AngelCityOutlaw said:

am I the only one who didn't really think this was an argument? More just talking about why I disagreed with his points? lol

I came here for an argument. 

I thought that was the definition of an argument? An argument is a disagreement of of view points. You saying "I disagreed with his points" is pretty much you saying "I was arguing" :P Also, you can say you were debating if you like. They're considered one and the same, altho Debating is generally considered a bit more formal and less aggressive I suppose but even so, You could argue (lol) that you were arguing

Ok time to stop with the tongue in cheek debatument: I prefer the Genesis/Mega Drive music. More funky. More groovy. Generally speaking. I can certainly appreciate the rock stylings of the Crush 40 stuff tho :)

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Okay. Recently, I played BetterSADX. And now I generally think that "Open Your Heart" is pretty cool. Reminds me of Guilty Gear a lot. Heavy metal is perfect for a Sonic game's main theme. Also, Kenichi Tokoi must be the main Sonic composer. Such a talented guy.

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