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OCR03543 - Kirby Super Star "Fluffball Rampage"

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I'm reading the write up and having helped give damonz feedback during the making of this raging fuckity, fluffity piece of earcandy, i'm sat here reading the write up and thinking "There's something wrong with these transitions?"

Going on record and saying I strongly disagree, cause these transitions are in my eye, sick. In fact, 9:02 is such a fucking good transition that when I hear the Gourmet Race now, my brain goes "wait why isn't it transitioning to green greens?" - When a transition is so good I get confused when I don't hear it in the source tune, I say thats a job well fucking done personally. 

As for the rest of it, what can I say? Its a fucking magnum opus of sorts. Yeah its a medley wah wah wah but its executed so damn fucking well. And the last 3 minutes or so are simply put... worth the wait. 

I may be biased, since i'm a good friend and I saw this mix kinda come into fruition, but is something that definitely deserves to be applauded. Cute, cuddly yet supremely epic. This doesn't deserve the free download imo, its too good for that. Go buy the album instead! :P 


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Holy crap, this remix is crazy! In the best possible way! I'm generally not a huge fan of chip-heavy mixes, but I've always thought it works really well with Kirby for some reason, and particularly this game, which is very near and dear to my heart. I didn't really notice any of the transition problems others have mentioned, at least not enough to pull me out. Great mix, start to finish.

Edit: Oh, and on a second listen, I'm really, really digging the transition that starts around 7:50, leading into Gourmet Race. Awesome stuff.

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Whoa, so many sources executed this smoothly is awesome, and the transitions did not bother me, as most of them seemed fitting to me. The upbeat chippyness blended with that percussion gave me such a sweet nostalgic feeling, makes me want to pop Kirby back into my SNES and play it again. So glad someone finally used Heart of Nova, as I always thought it would work well with other sources, so hearing it on it's own before being mixed with the Coliseum Battle source was great. All around fantastic ride,wonderful megamix here, man!

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