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OCR03597 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "We're the Fugawe Forest"


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Great jazz, cool rapping. I like how the chord change / dissonance thing at 1:03 etc has a huge, huge pull begging towards resolving. I think the harmony is a bit different from the source? In a way that emphasizes the pull even more. I don't think there's really a conflict between rapping and jazz here, but it's more of a case of having a long stretch of instrumental sections and then just a couple of verses at the end (not the only OCR with vocals that does this). The spoken word bit at the beginning helps a bit by foreshadowing it, but I still feel the balance is off structurally. Regardless, a mighty fine arrangement of the source, it's genuinely funny (I find the mild crassness amusing for the source material too) and arrangement fits the music and the game very well.

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