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Labo, Nintendo's Solution to Cheap Switch Accessories and Recycling Cardboard, In one!

The Damned

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It's kind of like how, when I was a little kid, my mom taught me how to use a hot glue gun. I used old show boxes and popsicle sticks to make forts and shit for my toys. but, you know, without a Switch and for about $US 70 more than I ever did.

Though, that robot suit one is pretty cool. It's a super cheap VR solution for wanting to punch things with a giant robot.

EDIT: It seems to be pronounced Lab-oh. Labo.

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Anyone know for sure how this is pronounced?  The trailer never says the word.  Lah-boh?  Lay-boh?  Labbo?

My wife's reaction was priceless.  She got the email from Nintendo and asked if I knew anything about it.  I said it was easier to watch the trailer than to explain it.  Her jaw kept dropping lower and lower.  When it ended, "WE HAVE GOT TO GET THIS!"

I had thought it was a neat toy but wasn't planning on buying it, personally.  Score one for Nintendo.

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