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OCR03759 - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse "On Fire"

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Oh wow, how could I not leave my reply here?! This track is absolutely hot. It'll be burnt in my memory for a long time. Yeah, that's right :D I'm afraid I'm tired of saying the same thing again, again and again, but daaaamn, tim never fails to impress me! I freakin' love aggressive electronica (same goes for any kind of glitch-hop as well!), and I love all sorts of interestiong fusions when it comes to the music. A blend of pumpin' EDM with Indian/Eastern vibes/atmosphere/instrumentation? Oh shit, yes! Major kudos for knocking it out of the park once more!

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Man, this is so good! I absolutely love the blending of glitchy funk and Middle Eastern vibes, especially when it lays it on thick in an almost Arabian Nights way in the middle. Shantae is one of those series that is hard to not jam out to and deserves all the love, and adding some buzz to an already hot pair of tracks like Burning Town and Scuttle Town was a great call to make them both pop more. Love it!

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