If you ever wanted to know how the THX logo theme is played

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Hey, I saw THX post that on Facebook. Pretty neat, and a great example of alleatoric music (a.k.a. chance music). You just look at that score and you can tell exactly how it's going to sound - a mess of sound that swings down/inward, then slides into a big, broad chord. Not something you'd think has a score, but then you realize that, yeah, they would've had to have some sort of performance in order to achieve that sound.

Cool stuff.

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I've also seen it and it's still the most perverse, infernal... you ever see "Event Horizon"? The scene where they unscramble the video footage and watch it? Yeah, this is that video footage committed to music paper.

I want to shut my eyes to block out the horror, but I'm afraid I'll turn into a pillar of salt if I do so.

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