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Golden Sun: A World Reignited - History

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Our deadline for submission to OCR is going to be Thursday December 19th.  This is in part to accommodate travel schedules and to make sure we get this in before all the holiday madness .  Plus, it gives a full album submission date less than a year after we started.  Nice work!


This submission date will put us on course for release in February 2020.


If you need help remembering the deadline....

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Forest's Requiem, Wintery Imil, Saturos's solo fight theme, and Aqua Rock are some of my faves from the game, can't wait to see what kind of spin people put on those tunes. Jenna's theme was also a super peppy fun fight song. Yeah. Honestly, I'm stoked for just all of it. I listen to OCRemix tracks while I'm doing my illustration +design work and this project is gonna be a real treat for my ears :)

Y'all musicians are rad. I don't even know how you work this magic, but keep on keepin' on!

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