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OCR03887 - Chrono Cross, Star Control II & Wonder Boy in Monster Land "Liskojytä"

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I'm unfamiliar with the original, but I'm digging this so hard. That lower octave lead is like the halfway point between the shimmering high stuff and the noisier sounds (which have the perfect amount of grit, to my ears), and it blends in so well; it almost keeps the whole mix glued together. Great sound and panning on the kettle toms as well!

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Not familiar with the original as well, but yeah, this is some damn nice job! The groovy, crunchy drums is certainly my favorite thing about this track. I mean, the rest of instrumentation is very cool too (those chippy bits are super stellar), but the percussion just makes me tap my toes and bop my head quite a few times, haha. The drum writing at around 2-minute mark is especially tasty! And, man, that aggressive synth assault at 2:40! Extremely sweet earcandy from Eino, just as expected :D

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