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BRAND NEW for ARTISTS *and* LISTENERS: Automatic Mixing & Mastering Service!


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Automatic Mixing & Mastering Service!


OverClocked ReMix is proud to announce our latest feature: automated mixing & mastering of all remixes on the site, and any future submissions as well! Using the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and following on the foundation of services like LANDR, we've developed an algorithm that addresses volume, noise, and dynamics for a refined listening experience!

  • For listeners, this means a more consistent experience when listening to multiple mixes in a playlist, and enjoying pristine, high-fidelity audio for EVERY track!

  • For artists, it means never having to worry about mixing & mastering ANYTHING you submit to OCR - we'll do the work for you!

How does it work??

The GRO/INR algorithm has two essential components/phases:

  1. Gain Redistribution & Optimization - ensures that levels are consistent from mix to mix without compromising dynamic contrast.
  2. Intelligent Noise Reduction - eliminates hum, hiss, and other artifacts that can harm recordings.

Fine... but what does it SOUND like??

We believe the enhanced listening experience of GRO/INR automated mastering speaks for itself, so we've prepared several examples highlighting its flexibility & power. Specifically:

  • GRO/INR is designed to work with ANY music genre!
  • From the Bohemian Rhapsody-inspired "Impresario" to the pulsing EDM of "Chemixtrixx," GRO/INR has you covered.
  • Even works on jazz!™

Don't believe your ears? Hear what the experts are saying:

We've gathered some testimonials from early adopters & beta testers:

"I'm very excited that OCR & GRO/INR are bringing professional-grade mastering to the masses, for free. Can't wait to see how artists will benefit from this new service!" - Larry "Liontamer" Oji
"Before GRO/INR, my music sounded bad. Now it doesn't." - zircon
"Beyond producing strong, usable, improved results, GRO/INR adds subtle enhancement to saxophone soundfonts, in particular. That's a game-changer." - DarkeSword
"Makes timbale licks radder." - Danny Baranowsky
"How many times have I looked at expensive mastering software and scratched my head, not knowing which doodads to push? At least 3. Now I'm good, thanks to GRO/INR." - djpretzel
"I'm suing." - Shael Riley
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