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Industrial dance metal?

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19 hours ago, Garpocalypse said:

On the Rammstein--y side of things but with more energy.  

i'm digging it. this making it onto your next EP/Album? :]


If I say that new Rammstein album sounds like everything I made for past 8 years, I guess nobody believe me.

I should release my works years back.

Yup, if I find the strength to finish at least this one.

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On 6/10/2019 at 5:59 AM, thebitterroost said:

Solid stuff man! Quite catchy. Upon reading "industrial dance metal," I was reminded of Disharmonia Mundi. Hadn't thought about that band in ages.

Small production note: you have some double triggers at 1:32, should be easy to snip out.

Thanks! 1^32 double snare shot? Intended actually

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