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Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Trailers, story & gameplay insights and additional information

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I think its a misstep. Now I like the ideas they have and what they are trying to do to make it different from FF7, especially as you go on. However! The execution of those ideas, well, it is very poor. The voice acting is terrible. A big portion of the dialog seems cliche, and it hurts to listen to, even in Japanese w/subs. There are several scenes that are awkward, characters that act awkward. I really want to like this. I like the idea of seeing Midgar fleshed out. But everything is so hollow. I'm getting serious FFXV vibes from it and Square is going down a road I don't think they can come back from.

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I'm kinda the aficionado and slow player who tends to enjoy the atmosphere a little longer.

So I'm still hanging around at around chapter 4 with my real "exploration save file" where I also listen to all the NPCs and their little stories they tell or at which I try to impress Jessie with my rad motorbike driving 'n' highway fighting skills (I guess it 's also some kind of an achievement) and put Wedge on the second place at the dart mini game...

...but couldn't wait to get a bit more into the further story line with another save file where I have been arrived at Sector 5.
And already in this early point of the remake I radically like it how they converted or rather transcended the original masterpiece Final Fantasy 7 into the next generation console gaming experience.

Besides the very interesting story telling and whole atmosphere, I really enjoy the new active battle system which is quite always fun, always a little bit different or at times even something like a big challenge.
The dynamic battles remind me a lot of playing the Battle Arena Toshinden and Soul Blade or Soul Calibur games in the times back then.

At the moment, I only have 2 little points to criticize or things that could be improved.

1) I miss some scenes from the original - for example where Barret gradically goes on fire at the punching bag in the Avalanche hideout and blows Biggs (maybe accidentally) through the air by his anger coming from the Shin-Ra news and Clouds cold behaviour. :D

2) The summon materia could be so much more than just an isolated 1-star materia.
It could be a mix between the original (in which you could grow a summon materia up to 5 stars, before it got divided like most of the other materia, and combine them with all the other materia in the connected slots), the FF 6 esper system (where you could also learn new magic spells from espers) and a new system where also the summons can evolve like the characters (similar like in Final Fantasy 8, with new attacks and abilities or where they could slightly transform like in Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals like the capsule monsters).

Maybe something like this is planned in the future parts of the remake - but I really think that the summons should play a much greater part in the battle system and in the whole story.

But besides those kinda smaller things that could be improved, I'm radically digging this awesome masterpiece of a remake.


And, yeah - please try not to spoiler anything important of the remake storyline or something like that.
I already clicked on a video that unfortunately spoilered some parts of the ending or maybe parts of the game - and I really don't like that.

The original of Final Fantasy 7 back then was a still game I started playing without having a clue of the game - in kinda blessed times without online tutorials, spoilers and walkthroughs coming right after the release of the game - really blessed times, where you really had to play the game to get right into the game, its story and secrets.

And - despite all the opportunities of the modern times - I still try to keep it this way. ))

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Time for a few new official trailer updates concerning the Final Fantasy 7 remake & compilation.

1) Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis
(obviously a straight and faithful remake of the whole Final Fantasy 7 compilation with a more original graphics style, including the original game Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7 - unfortunately only announced as a mobile game for iOS/Android by now)

2) Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade
(the coming enhanced Playstation 5 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake containing a whole new episode with Yuffie and a few other dudes in Midgar who are obviously working together with a special unit from Avalanche)

I already love the funny scene where the super secret ninja girl gets discovered and radically trolled by curious pigeons (o^_v_^o) and I was also pretty amazed to see a scene with Weiss and the Deepground soldiers in that new episode in reference to the later Dirge of Cerberus content within the FF7 compilation.

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