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PRC400 - Sonic Special Free Round (Sonic The Hedgehog)


Sonic The Hedgehog  

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3 minutes ago, TheVideoGamer said:

Why not use both? :3

Or combine the two, into one consistent mix. That way you can get the best of both worlds! 

Nuh uh. Take the "F" out of "way." They're so wildly different from each other (despite being the same genre) that there's no way in hell I'm combining them.

I would go on here to describe in more detail why they can't be combined, but that would be commentary on my pieces.

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I return to you now, at the turn of the tide (sorry, someone mentioned Gandalf earlier and thus quotes will happen).

I have submitted A SUPER SERIOUS METAL TRACK, YOU GUYS. It totally doesn't have mixing issues or a rubbish guitar tone, alright? But I have to submit something for the 400th round, otherwise the communists win.


*Edit* I should probably mention that my source tracks are Gigalopolis Zone and Mecha Green Hill Zone from Sonic Chaos (MS).

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8 minutes ago, Trism said:

There is some really great music in those games, especially when you consider the limitations of the hardware the composers had to work with. 

I totally agree. A few of my all time favorite Sonic tunes are from the 8 bit titles.

Bridge Zone (Sonic 1) <- this was my choice for the compo.

Sunset Park Act 3 (Triple Trouble)

Red Volcano (Sonic Blast)

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54 minutes ago, HoboKa said:

Can't knock that.  The sega FM chip is a beast alright. 

True that. Some all time favourite soundtracks came from the Genesis/Megadrive. If you knew your stuff, then you could knock some right bangers out.

Sonic 1-3

Streets of Rage 1-3

Batman and Robin

Earthworm Jim

Thunderforce - 1-4

Phantasy Star 2-4

Crusader of Centy

Dynamite Headdy


I could really go on...

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