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OCR04079 - Pokémon Red Version "Farewell, Beloved Ones"

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Yeah, this is the style of music that should have been in the game.

The shrill, slightly spooky original set a mood, but this version sets a better one. It's a superior medley, even though it's the same one.

This isn't spooky. This is affirming. It starts off as if entering a foggy town for the first time, light slowly pushing back the haze as you walk down the street. Then it rises up a little, taking the core melody from oddly unsettling to a more waking, coming about felling. Then the big push at 2:40 comes in and the violin overtakes the base theme and pushes it back. This isn't sad anymore. It's melancholy. A little happiness mixed in with the sadness. A ray of sunlight filtering through the clouds overhead. Things will get better.

I do love the pokemon series music, but I also love it when someone takes it do a different place. This version feels far more emotional than the blippy tones of the original GameBoy had.

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