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Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time

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I actually started this awhile ago but never really did anything with it. I guess recently I had some new ideas that came to fruition and I can finally post the first part for feedback. I know the second part will just be the first part but with a more aggressive vibe but I'm unsure how the whole thing will go after that. Hopefully I can do something interesting haha.

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The vocal bits immediately captured my attention, the airy sweeping notes make an excellent atmosphere. I love the percussion assortment of sticks and gentle strikes. And what sounds like some sorta metallic toms? Almost aquatic percussion things, I dunno what they are but it creates a lovely, rippling rhythm. The plucked strings give graceful emphasis to the chords and melody. And a great cherry on top, the distant reverberating electric guitar for some variation. Man, I can never hear too many versions of this song! I'd love to see how this continues to develop. You're doing great work.

I really love your vocal samples, where do you get them? I could sure use some human elements in my arrangements.

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Thank you for the lovely comments! I'll keep working to try and make this something I can be proud of going forward.

As far as vocals are concerned I really like searching for new vocal packs and goodies. I think primarily I use Heavyocity's Vocalize 1 and 2 and 8dio's Jennie for solo female stuff. For full choirs I use 8dios studio sopranos and Strezov Sampling has a few choirs I like. I think personally I get way more bang for my buck on vocal libraries than anything. There are a few more I want but money is tight and I am not able to really demo things to determine whether it's worth a dive. But yeah Heavyocity's Vocalize series is just gorgeous. Lots of cool pads too which I always like to fiddle with!



I forgot these! All of these are super duper fantastic and highly usable. I tweak the settings some, and in my head many times I think I want a certain type of vocal sound. Then if its a legato type phrase I'll mostly try and do it on my own with those patches but if I am feeling somethhing more virtuoso then I just spend some time listening to different presets they have and when one I like stands out, I program it in with timing, filters, etc. I'm a vocalist myself (though I never use my vocals on my tracks lol) so I can imagine a lot of stuff and this helps me get through the plethora of settings I think. You also thhough need some theory knowledge because sometimes I'll play a song in one key but the presets dont have that key. So try to find a nearby key or at least a phrase that can scoot in nicely in whatever given chord progression during the point in the music. Takes some getting used to and maybe not the best workflow but I like it enough!

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