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  1. @djpretzel I went with the full albums for the playlist - mind you I did it this way for simplicity sake if Mom, Grandparents, or babysitter put her down instead of me.
  2. I created a playlist out of the two most recent (2015 & 2019) Chrono Trigger and Chrono Croas albums. My daughter is 5 now and seems too like both albums for nap/bedtime.
  3. Pre-ordered from the square enix store. Really enjoyed the last arranged album they released in 2015/16.
  4. Well looks like I'm buying this. Any idea if there they'll sell it local, or will I need to import it?
  5. Has anyone mentioned the fact that all the employees refer to you as bro, guy or chief? I suppose they don't really care as they are speaking to clientele that talk like that to each other, but to not be treated like I live in a frat house would be great. Also, the constant up-selling on everything drives me bonkers.
  6. While I have no constructive criticism to offer, I can say that I really enjoyed your take on this song.
  7. That was indeed the thread I was looking for, thanks. I'd like to sell it for enough to cover the cost and the shipping fee plus a little more. I'm not entirely greedy. Craigslist and ebay was were I was looking for prices. You bring up a good point to hold onto it until the demand picks up and the supply is down.
  8. So I just picked up the deluxe last week and have yet to open it. Come to find out that the wife bought me one as an xmas present. Is anyone interested in buying this thing before I return it? What would be a fair price for it? I'm seeing $500 all over the net. I would next day FedEx if anyone was interested. Also, I tried searching for the 'For Sale' thread but couldn't find it. If this is in the wrong forum I apologize.
  9. So I'm totally digging this mix, and on a whim went to youtube to find more of the same theme. Imagine my surprise when I see the same mix with no mention of it being at OCRemix. The mix in question can be found here. .Is this an issue or am I just nuts?
  10. I've got an AT&T 8gb Iphone 3g/s if anyone is looking for cell phone. I live in Mesa, Az and would ship next day FedEx. I'm looking for $150 for the phone but the price is haggleable.
  11. I for one am curious about this. The fact that online gaming spawns such horrid behavior from people because of anonymity negatively effects what should be an enjoyable activity. I think this is a step in the right direction to show people who behave like ass-hats that there are consequences to their actions. Of course, I can also see this system being abused.
  12. OMG, I was going to say Mondo Kamehameha!
  13. Indeed. I typically don't see the 3D fare either, but when the ticket is free, I'm not one to complain.
  14. It's interesting that you made reference to The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, because as soon as the movie started, for whatever reason, those were the two movies I thought of as well. I too thought the animation was great, I saw it in 3D and the effects were subtle and cool, and didn't come across as gimmicky. The place I noticed the 3D effect the most was after Rapunzel had her hair braided and had various things in her hair i.e. flowers, jewelery. The detail and the depth of field that it created was pretty cool. Let's hope this is a hint of things to come from Disney.
  15. Hey all, I've got a 17'' macbook pro with a 23'' led monitor connected to it. I tried playing some half life 2 today but found it wouldn't throw the image on my larger monitor. I attempted to look for settings that would allow me to do so but to no avail. I'm currently running my second monitor in just a standard desktop, not mirrored. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks
  16. DragonBallZ Budokai 1&2. The fact that the AI could just turtle in the corner and not be hurt by anything blew my mind. I would unload on them and would get nothing out of it. Of course when I tried the same 'technique' I would get my ass served left and right. Many a controller was destroyed because of that game.
  17. Was there even a way to get past that bastard? No matter what I did, he would always catch me.
  18. This was the first VG soundtrack I ever purchased. It was also the most I ever spent on digital media. However, when I amortize it over having it since it pretty much was released it's not that bad. Love the soundtrack too.
  19. captaineegee

    Halo Reach

    It really isn't that bad on Legendary, the first time you run into Elites on winter contingency will be an eye opener though.
  20. I'm looking to get rid of a mess of action figures, they range from in packaging to loose. It's pretty much related to Halo. If anyone knows where I can sell them in Mesa, Az, it would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Open Office on my new beastly MacBook Pro, you should see how it renders text pages, soooo sweet! In all seriousness though I haven't played anything since the Halo:Reach beta and even then that was for a few hours. Anybody have any suggestions as to what I can play once I finish my classes on Thursday? I like FPS, action/adventure games.
  22. I've had good success with GarageBand for my Iphone, anything I have in my library could be a ringtone. Other than that I have to suggestions, kinda a one trick pony over here.
  23. I heard 'monstrous turtles' at a computer store here in Tucson. Upon closer inspection, I saw that there was an entire OC Remix playlist.
  24. Son of a B. I always forget to look on frickin ebay.
  25. I'm not trying to do anything nefarious, I'd simply like to purchase the set offered to the Club Nintendo members. I've googled the hell out of em and all it comes up with is the info regarding them, and the terms for which you can 'purchase' the set. In regards to my statement, 'to this day'. The theme 'Bowser's Lava Lair' was originally used in Mario 64 with musical influence from Chrono Trigger i.e. any enemy encounters.