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OCR04214 - Donkey Kong Country "Wiped Out"

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The rhythmic changeups are off the hook!! It's certainly true that this doesn't stray far from the original source, but the way you changed the cadence of the melodies gives it a whole new feel. Your percussion is excellent too! 

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Sir_NutS and DKC! What a combo. I love everything about this remix, the synth work, the gating, the beat chops, and the overall energy level gets me so hyped! It's busy but really well mixed too which allows the detail to be heard. I think this'll be a fan favourite given how close it is to the source, which as a fellow Fear Factory remixer, I can confirm is superb.

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The part between 3:10 and 3:20 sounds to me like the song is skipping fastforward in an erroneous way - like I remember from listening to broken CDs on a CD-player. Maybe it's just me and I am getting too old for this kind of effects (in case it's intended), but I wanted to report in case it isn't. I downloaded the song twice and listened to it on YouTube. No difference.

 There are also a few other parts where I think for a very short moment that something is off. But as said: Maybe it's just me.

 Beside that it's a great remix though.

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