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New Acrilic Colors!


#202a-202e acrilic colors / thing from another world [stream]

welcoming back acrilic colors. after his first ep on kahvi last year, this popular artist has diversified slightly from his course, concentrating on high detail, descriptive passages within his music. the thing from another world is a trip through textures, spot samples (which you may recognise!) and unique melodies. ambient, melodic idm and easy listening combined into one compact yet very listenable package. personal favorite is the wonderfully named 'ununquadium rarefaction', pure art in a digital waveform.

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download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip)

the thing from another world [stream]

groove o'clock [stream]

maestitia passing by [stream]

starfish oblivion [stream]

ununquadium rarefaction [stream]

Funny thing was I was JUST listening to his first Kahvi release today, which I also recommend! It can be found here:


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Mono and Kahvi seem to release at the same time. Funny how that works.


Message>> Something different, this time out, with the part nu-chill, part world music, part live-played album, 'Rai-Ken' from Bristol, UK native Ollie Cram - it's pitched somewhere between the chillout of previous Monotonik releaser Izmar and something much further out than that, and that's why we dig it.

Things start out with 'Over Yonder', all interplay with the live-played organ - there's also guitar, keyboards, synth, bass, and mandolin played live on the album by Mr. Cram himself - before we move on to the funky guitar interplay of 'Whatever You Say', and far beyond that.

Some other highlights? The positively glorious strut of 'Peace In Our Land', and the almost elevator-muzak chill of 'Rai-Ken' itself. Again, this may not quite be our normal speed, but I think that's why we like it - it's good to be different, and the album, which was previously available on a number of paid music download portals, is all kinds of out there.

Download Ollie Cram's 'Rai-Ken' from: 1. "Over Yonder" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

2. "Whatever You Say" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

3. "It Could Have Been Me" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

4. "Down Quietways" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

5. "Blame" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

6. "Hey Mama" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

7. "Peace In our Land" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

8. "Maya" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

9. "Awaiting Alanna" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

10. "Rai-Ken" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

11. "There's Something To Be Said" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

12. "Magic" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

..or download the entire release [.ZIP link], stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

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I downloaded that Ollie Cram album from mono211 yesterday. It's got some good stuff on there but I wouldn't put it in with my favourite monotonik+friends releases. It's definitely worth checking out, a lot of different styles though there is a general upbeat/chilled theme. Love the mandolin stuff.

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'lawn world' by monoculture is surfaces' second northamerican release. this work is highly eclectic - easy synthetic melodies are interlaced with clicky rhythms, followed by low drones, oriental ambience, guitar and piano sounds, among other. all together these elements form an imaginative and complex (almost) easy listening work that is between the territories of particular styles. with its gradation of tones and moods, this album tells a story with unexpected turns

For more info on (and more music from) the artist go to http://www.urbansprawlrecords.com/artists/monoculture

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virt_-_FX3.gif Virt


8BP071 MP3 A young boy trapped between warring nations stumbles through a time rift, and upon a terrible conspiracy spanning generations! He finds safety in the warm embrace of a tall, handsome vampire who helps him return home and shows him how to love again. But is there anything left of his world? virt answers this question, returning to his absurdly detailed progressive NES sound for a long-awaited 8bitpeoples debut. Don't feel bad about headbanging to chiptunes - just indulge. A double album by PRIESTCAVE, featuring these original tracks and fully produced arrangements, is also currently underway.

01. Incident 01

02. Survivors

03. Bedtime Story

04. Night And Day

05. Choppastyle

06. Thrash

07. Across Rooftops

08. Scorched Sands

09. Visitor

10. Try

11. He's a Radical Rat


virt just released FX3. You can find FX1and 2 on Mono211.

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One man's obsolete computer trash is another man's treasure. Especially if that other man is Paul Slocum. With Tree Wave, Paul and vocalist Lauren Gray take familiar 80's electronics and use them to create indisputably original and remarkably warm music. Instruments include an Atari 2600, a Commodore 64, a 286 luggable PC, and an Epson dot matrix printer, all reprogrammed as sound generators. In live shows, the Atari 2600 works double-duty as an hypnotic image projector.

Treewave's experimental-pop has brought them attention from the visual arts community, msnbc.com, NPR and Wired. They have performed at art galleries and night clubs in New York, Seattle, Austin, and their hometown, Dallas.

Hadn't listened to this for about a year until today and was reminded of how distinct the sound they create is. Worth checking out, each track is quite different.

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"This compilation was compiled by the Lost Children net label and The Silent Ballet, a webzine that has been in the works for quite some time.

The Silent Ballet is a webzine that will focus upon instrumental and post-rock artists, as well the artists that catch our attention from other genres. Its main goal is to create a stronger instrumental community across the world and to function as a portal that actively brings musicians and listeners into an open discussion. This compilation is a means to formally announce to the world the conception of The Silent Ballet. Expect it to open its doors in full functionality in Fall of 2006, if not sooner, and look to the webpage for more information as the date approaches.

The Lost Children net label seeks to distribute music created by artists with humble budgets to all corners of the globe. The cost to the audience is, of course, nothing. Lost Children does not believe that in today’s technological world an artist should be unable to deliver his music to a willing listener just because he does not have sufficient label representation. Music is a joy in all of our lives and no one should be deprived of it.

The meeting of these two forces resulted in a compilation of artists pushing the instrumental and independent scenes in new and creative ways. A big thanks goes out to all the bands and labels involved in this compilations; everyone’s effort is greatly appreciated."

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"The second volume of The Silent Ballet Compilation series continues where the first left off in its pledge to work hand in hand with independent artists from around the globe. The response to the first volume was huge; unfortunately we are unable to accommodate everyone who would like to be included in the series, but hopefully in due time most will receive a spot in the limelight.

We remain committed to presenting some of the finest emerging artists to the world, offering previews of exciting future releases, and unearthing exclusive and rare tracks for our readers. Of course, all of this is done pro bono, and the existence of this series relies solely on the generosity of the bands and labels involved, whom we encourage you to support if you find the compilation to your liking.

A full version of The Silent Ballet Webzine will be launching later this year. We do hope it satisfies the need for an intermediary resource in this ever populous culture of music."

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Hooray, troupe!

Date Release Id File info Artist Title 16/01/07 mtk.mp3.178 [5 tracks, 19 minutes, 27.1mb] Troupe

'It's Really Pretty Simple After All'


Message>> A long, long time in the making, U.S. artist Troupe presents his first EP for Monotonik, 'It's Really Pretty Simple After All', a plain spectacular mix of demo-scene inspired electronica, soaring melodies, and beautiful vocals.

Imagine, if you will, an American who has grown up and been musically influenced by the greats of the Amiga demo-scene - which this label itself was birthed from in 1996. Then mix in transcendent vocals reminiscent of favorite Monotonik releases like Bliss, and you get to.... a great place. You may know Troupe from his early EP for Backtrack, or, indeed, from his recent guest vocal appearance on the Seathasky release for Monotonik, but this 5-track EP from the teenager showcases why it makes perfect sense that he release with us.

So, what do we have? 'It's Complicated' has a multi-layered synth start, before blasting in to a ridiculously lush melodic vocal bridge. Then we get to the even more demo-scene or even oddly jazz-influenced tracks, like 'The Way Things Would Have Been', with super syncopated lead lines hissing in and out of view like snakes of melodic justice.

Perhaps the highlight is 'At Least We Have Friends', which is as close to a pop song as we've ever released here, in the best way, but then 'Not Much Else' blasts beautiful electro-pop to amazing effect, and the EP's title track is drifting on layers of sound, and... I know Monotonik is all over the place stylistically of late, but you see the thread, right, listeners? I know I do. And this right here is the golden one.

Download Troupe's 'It's Really Pretty Simple After All' from: 1. "It's Complicated" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

2. "The Way Things Would Have Been Another Time" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

3. "At Least We Have Friends" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

4. "Not Much Else" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

5. "It's Really Pretty Simple After All" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

..or download the entire release [.ZIP link], stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

Also, Simon sees all! Maybe he looked at a referrals log or something :D:


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m0d, the man currently running the mod archive (free music abounds there, too), is also known as RedHeat Sonic Soundscapes. His music on his mainsite, www.sonicsoundscapes.com, is excellent, but he has also been tinkering with Abyss' Highest Experience on his Amiga 1200, and has released quite a few tunes on http://m0d.untergrund.net/

also, he has a myspace if you're interested.... www.myspace.com/sonicsoundscapes

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