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OverClocked ReMix Chess League TEAM TOURNAMENT!


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Two wins versus Kholdstare. He actually had me on the run for a while in the second game, invading my territory and taking a rook. It got very complicated, but I got a couple of passed pawns in the centre and began a slow push. We weren't able to finish because of connection problems, but he decided to concede rather than replay to that point.

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Falchion and I played one game, but he had to run off somewhere. Dinner or somesuch. Anyway, I won that game, then I played my two games against Grayfox, both of which I lost. He played well (nearly ran out of time in the second one, but that was partly Yahoo's fault), and I managed to make some pretty big blunders. Here are all three games.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: naraku59
;Black: cpt1337
;Date: Thu Feb 01 03:08:00 GMT 2007

1. d2-d4 d7-d5
2. h2-h4 c7-c5
3. d4xc5 e7-e5
4. e2-e3 b8-c6
5. a2-a4 d5-d4
6. f1-c4 f8xc5
7. d1-f3 d8-e7
8. e3-e4 c5-b4+
9. c2-c3 d4xc3
10. b2xc3 b4-a5
11. c1-a3 e7-f6
12. f3-g3 g8-e7
13. g1-h3 c8xh3
14. g2xh3 o-o
15. o-o e7-g6
16. h4-h5 g6-f4
17. a3-c1 a5-b6
18. b1-a3 c6-a5
19. a1-a2 a5xc4
20. a3xc4 a8-d8
21. c4-e3 d8-d3
22. a2-d2 d3xc3
23. c1-b2 c3-d3
24. d2xd3 f4-e2+
25. g1-g2 e2xg3
26. f2xg3 f6-c6
27. b2xe5 c6xe4+
28. f1-f3 e4xe5
29. e3-f5 f8-d8
30. d3-e3 b6xe3
31. g3-g4 d8-d2+
32. g2-f1 e5-a1++

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: gray_fox9996
;Black: cpt1337
;Date: Thu Feb 01 03:25:06 GMT 2007

1. e2-e4 e7-e5
2. g1-f3 b8-c6
3. d2-d4 f7-f5
4. d4xe5 f5xe4
5. f3-d4 c6xe5
6. f2-f4 e5-g6
7. f4-f5 g6-e5
8. c1-f4 f8-d6
9. b1-c3 g8-f6
10. f1-e2 h7-h5
11. o-o e5-g4
12. f4xd6 g4-e3
13. d1-d2 e3xf1
14. a1xf1 c7xd6
15. d4-b5 f6-g4
16. b5xd6+ e8-e7
17. c3xe4 a7-a6
18. d2-g5+ g4-f6
19. g5xg7++

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: cpt1337
;Black: gray_fox9996
;Date: Thu Feb 01 03:52:53 GMT 2007

1. g1-f3 b8-c6
2. d2-d4 d7-d5
3. c2-c4 d5xc4
4. e2-e4 c8-g4
5. f1xc4 e7-e5
6. d4-d5 c6-d4
7. f3xe5 g4xd1
8. b1-c3 d1-h5
9. d5-d6 f8xd6
10. f2-f4 g8-f6
11. o-o f6-g4
12. e5xg4 h5xg4
13. f4-f5 c7-c6
14. a2-a4 d6-b4
15. c1-f4 a7-a6
16. h2-h3 g4xh3
17. g2xh3 b7-b5
18. a4xb5 a6xb5
19. a1xa8 d8xa8
20. f1-d1 d4-f3+
21. g1-h1 b5xc4
22. e4-e5 c6-c5
23. c3-d5 o-o
24. d5-e7+ g8-h8
25. f5-f6 f8-d8
26. d1xd8+ a8xd8
27. f6xg7+ h8xg7
28. e7-f5+ g7-g6
29. f5-d6 b4-d2
30. f4xd2 f3xd2
31. h3-h4 d8xh4+
32. h1-g2 d2-e4
33. g2-f3 h4-h1+
34. f3-f4 e4-f2
35. d6-f5 h1-e4+
36. f4-g3 e4xf5
37. g3-g2 f5xe5
38. g2-f1 e5xb2
39. f1-g1 c4-c3
40. g1-f1 b2-c1+
41. f1xf2 c1-f4+
42. f2-e2 c3-c2
43. e2-d3 c2-c1
44. d3-e2 f4-e3++

So 0-2 vs Grayfox and 1-0 vs Falchion (so far)

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Kholdstare ended up giving up points in the dangerous direction, but I'm very pleased that Grayfox and Keegan ended up with those victories. Just gotta try and beat the Rusty Buckets though...

Lucky too, cause I felt I should've had our first game :( .

And how are we losing, we're the motherfucking Metaknights!

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Lucky too, cause I felt I should've had our first game :( .

And how are we losing, we're the motherfucking Metaknights!


edit: that's not true, the "f" in "glhf 134340" uses my left hand, but playing and everything is done with the right!

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It's an unfair disadvantage to give us zero points on our byes. Our byes should be neutral. I.e., take our points for three rounds, multiply by 4/3 to give us the equivalent value for four rounds. Don't give everyone else four ronds to win points and only three rounds for us.
it's actually 10/8.

Here's the deal. I can mull around with giving you guys 4, 6, or 8 bye points. Here's the deal though - I'm not going to give you guys 2 points/game for byes unless everyone else plays every game. The reason why I gave only 4 points was twofold:

1) there's no guarantee that the other teams will play every game.

2) you guys didn't have to draft from the bottom of the barrel.

So let's say we do a plus/minus setup, where you get a point for winning but lose a point for losing. Well, we're tied with +2, and we have more wins. Yes it's unfair because you have less matches and less opportunity to win, but the likelihood is that you WILL win more matches.

Anyways, we'll see what happens...this uneven setup is quite disappointing, and if we had team vs. team battle, it'd be less conspicuous.

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I made a mistake on the standings and forgot Uranus' wins vs. amazgr8 - I was actually puzzled about this because the numbers weren't coming out even, but now they are - RB's are a +4, GN a +2, and MK's a -6.

I may change the RB's bye advantage to 6 points instead of 4, since that's about the average score anyways.


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I haven't heard anything from Falchion39. I pm'ed him yesterday and still no response. Should I keep waiting?
You need to keep trying. That's the only way I'll authorize a report - if you're actually trying to play them.

EDIT: Reports need to be something else - like max or average points vs., which in this case would be 3, since dPaladin has one win vs. Falchion.

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We have interest from two more players - a guy named DolittleSmash, and SoveriegnLegend. This brings our number up to 16 if we add everyone we've got right now. Do the math, that could be four teams of four, and I think it will be.

We'll play out the rest of this little tourney - the MetaKnights are fighting for second place, but the gNomes are running for top spot with a LOT of wins necessary.

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