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in all fairness, we really didn't start global warming. infact we arn't even the main contributor. that being said, we do play apart in it so if we could run things a little better by not wasting energy or trying not to polute so much, that would be great.

I thought that while there is some natural emmsions from things like bio dregradeing and animals passing gas, humans were contributeing a vast amount to why the planets tempurature is going up, sooner than is normal for the planets actual cycle.

I think the point is that the earth naturaly cycles through hot and cold times, but we're causeing it to enter the hot part alot faster and sooner than is normal, so its not really giveing the environment a chance to adapt.

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Thank you for posting this in ComDisc.

It is my opinion that we waste way too much fuel listening to OCReMixes. Every time we get down to the Music of Our Respective Groins, that's a little more coal being added to the fire in some electrical plant somewhere.

Pretty soon, we'll need a lifeboat in order to stay dry while having a Bubble Bobble Hoedown.

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yea, cause you know the thousands of volcanos giving off tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide/monoxide everyday 24/7 for the last couple of thousand years has nothing to do with it. or that certain rain forests may even give off certain methane gases....nope, its all been the human's fault with their 100 years or so of burning fossil fuels, coal, and 40 or so years of nuclear energy...not to mention that we've drastically reduced the number of CFCs emissions in the last decade or so. yes we realized its effects of putting holes in the ozone, that's why we stopped using them.

here's why the earth seems so friggin hot, a few reasons, may or may not be correct, but i figure one of them has to be damned close:

1) the earth is still coming out of an ice age, basically we are warming up again, look how close we are too the sun, compare that to how much energy we receive and how hot we should be. also consider the fact we are basing all of this on maybe 200/300 years of actual recorded temperature history, based upon civilization being around say 7000 years, and the earth a couple billion years. so you tell me, based on the time spans here, how the hell are we supposed to know what the temperature is supposed to be.

2) i think the earth is slightly out of orbit or outta sync, basically our orbit year is slightly longer/shorter than a calendar year and the seasons are just adjusting slowly. lately december here's felt like fall from years ago and jan feb felt like december...its frickin freezing here now. it'll probably feel like spring into may and summer into august september again. this seems way outta season compared to years ago

3) i've heard of a study that the clouds are actually more of a problem then greenhouse gases. and that years ago the earth passed through gamma radiation from a supernova exploding, the radiation caused the clouds to gather and it changed the weather patterns. or something like that

4) its all in your heads

1 of these theories is right...or maybe all of them....regardless, quit your whining and except the fact that the earth is probably getting warmer. pointing the finger at humanity isn't solving the problem...

also, if you really want a solution, we can drop nukes on a few key countries and trigger a nuclear winter, that'll cool things down.

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I'm gonna go ahead and say that none of the naysayers have taken a look at a graph of the rise in average temperatures over the last twohundred years.

But you know, I'll even allow that humans aren't the sole contributor to global warming (despite the fact that a team of scientists who have done nothing but study this for SIX YEARS say with ninety percent certainty that they're the main source), but what really worries me is people who flatly deny it's existence.

While you're looking up that graph, go check the recent weather in Iceland. It should not be raining in January at the artic circle, I think.

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i completely agree. we are still pretty small and insignificant compared to the world. its sorta cocky to think we can effect it so much. and you do realize there is still places where Man hasn't gone?

Arg, I can't decide if I should forgive you for using extreme and subtle sarcasm, or hate you because that's not sarcasm and you actually are an idiot. Seriously, it is FREAKING HARD to detect sarcasm in written form whilst the internet is rampant with so many ignorant morons. For the sake of this thread, if you use sarcasm, put a "sarcarm tag" or something on your post - I mean it!

With that out of the way - see "An Inconvenient Truth". Or if you're too lazy, look at the chart on the above post, and have some faith in what 100% of the world's scientists agree upon.

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