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  1. Lufia 2. Kinda surprised nobody's mentioned this yet. Of course, I was... What. 11 or 12 at the time. MGS3. The revelations about The Boss at the end, and then Way to Fall... I played that game for 17 hours solid, front to back, and the whole event hit me like a fucking hammer. Didn't make me cry, but sheer emotional impact was the fight with Ocelot at the end of MGS4. I never thought I'd actually LIKE the song 'Snake Eater', but when it came on during that sequence, I was deeply affected.
  2. Black and White, while brilliant in concept, was a deeply, deeply flawed game, nearly to points of unplayability at times... Black and White 2, which promised fixes for everything hated in 1, instead removed most of the first's saving graces... I never played The Movies, but from everything I've been told, it had a brialliant concept and deeply flawed execution. Hm... So, not counting expansion packs, or the fable games that spawned this conversation, I think that's Lionhead's full lineup. This is not believing what I read on the internet, this is personal experience with all (bar one) of Lionhead's games that has made me intimately aware of the studio's completely broken production model. Srsly, though, did you think lionhead games were rare or something? Every single one of them has run a hype train a mile long.
  3. Re: quality level, I advised a friend that wants to get into DJing to go directly to WIP and read. OCR is an amazing place for a hobbyist to transform into a professional-caliber musician. As for charm lacking in newer mixes, I heard Zelda on a beer bottle last week.
  4. Have you heard of JamLegend? www.jamlegend.com

    Me and my friends would give anything to be able to experience your guitar work via little plastic controllers. I'm not sure how one goes about getting music on the game, but they seem very friendly to both video game remixes and original work. The Unholy Wars plz?

  5. Trygon

    Star Trek

    I thought the movie was amazing. Kirk made it with alien chicks, Spock fought his emotions, and Bones was a doctor, DAMNIT. What more do you need?
  6. You can only watch one folder? ...No 'import folder' option? And files outside of the solitary 'watched' folder show broken on the playlist. That's mindbogglingly illogical. Last I checked, don't m3u files have the full path included?
  7. Personally, I'd like to see the cinema do what cinema arguably does best (but almost certainly better then all but very exceptional video games) and be pure character development set on Samus' backstory. First half of the movie is Samus growing up, learning the ways of the chozo, etc., with the second half focusing on her taking on bounty hunting jobs after the chozo vanish, and her hunt for Ridley. Maybe lead up to the first game? Yeah, end the movie with Samus beating the hell out of Ridley and chasing him to Zebes. Display something like 'To be continued... In METROID' with the NES title screen image of all blue letters, and play a few bars from the title music. I'd pay to see it, just for the delicious plots in a series that needs it.
  8. That's an amazing thing to do for your friend. I've always dearly loved his music. Perhaps a remix of his catalog here, or a series of mixes in other artists take on his style?
  9. As old as the internet.
  10. http://www.imdb.com/company/co0113718/ ...So, they've actually done a movie before? I'm not so sure this is fake, actually. EDIT: Also: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1181615/
  11. Trygon

    Remix NIN!

    One of the tracks on that CD is a fan remix from the contest Reznor ran a few months ago. Pretty awesome stuff. I believe most of these files are also up for download on the main NIN site.
  12. Well, now, see, you're REALLY only cheating yourself, aren't you? Well, no, more like whatever poor sap you should happen to have to save. Yea. You're cheating that person.
  13. This story will never enter mainstream media, because people aren't glued to their TV sets if they feel safe.
  14. http://www.kombo.com/article.php?artid=10542 One in the face, jackie boy.
  15. Have you played any console game online within the last two generations? I'm gonna guess not, because that post was ludicrously out of touch with reality. Consoles are the forefront of the sort of co-op you describe (halo 3). Didn't one of the farcry games have co-op? You may want to look into that.
  16. Any MP3 editor should be able to blot out sections of a song.
  17. I typically use Winamp's 'Full bass and treble' setting. It's also an easy setting to replicate on car stereos, etc.
  18. I'd like to see a 7 collection, released after all the spinoffs and BS are done for a bit. The remake, and every FF7 game made. That would make a ton of cash, especially if they did Halo-style limited releases.
  19. My computer is Colossus, so named for the movie, and because the case is four feet tall (Yay salvage!). When I still had a network, it was named Colossusnet, the fileserver was Memory, the laptop was Voice, and the shitty extra one that barely ran D2 was Terminal. The only one of those that isn't obvious is Voice - I used it to chat while I played fullscreen games.
  20. This plan needs honesty enforcement. A spread of people across the states who will go to beat the tar out of anyone who loses a game.
  21. Trygon


    I'm fond of Venetian Snares, personally.
  22. The work is reasonably talented, and the reimaginings are interesting, in some cases (Charlie Brown looks pretty good. Most of the females are pretty generic, though). That being said, no, there's no reason for this to exist. But as this is the Internet, I'm just glad they left the tentacles out of it.
  23. I'm gonna go ahead and say that none of the naysayers have taken a look at a graph of the rise in average temperatures over the last twohundred years. But you know, I'll even allow that humans aren't the sole contributor to global warming (despite the fact that a team of scientists who have done nothing but study this for SIX YEARS say with ninety percent certainty that they're the main source), but what really worries me is people who flatly deny it's existence. While you're looking up that graph, go check the recent weather in Iceland. It should not be raining in January at the artic circle, I think.
  24. This mix just does NOT do it for me. I really couldn't say why - The electric guitars are somewhat grating, and I really prefer lyrics with my vocals (In fact, TO's PlectraSubCity mix is the only song I can think of that uses that sort of vocal style and also doesn't irritate me.), so maybe it's just those things that put me off this mix. There's no doubt in my mind that this is an exceedingly quality mix, it's just not my style.
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