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OCR/VGM Workout Music?


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Different type of workout, I think.

...you train gymnasts. I assure you that's more hardcore than about 85% of people ever think about. xD

I also need to add that Two steps from hell makes people think they can move mountains (and they probably can while listening) So thats a good pickup too

Aaand since they havent been brought up yet

Sorairo Days (Both versions)

Happily Ever After (TTGL)

If your workout involves a kickboxing/fighting of any type

I like the opening 9 minutes of bayonetta

on that game's OST they're labeled

Angel's Advent A

Riders of the Light

and of course the epic Fly Me To The Moon (climax)

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Actually I just put it on OCRemix a lot of the time. If the place has internet I can use my phone and stream it, or I'll use what I have on my ipod. Other than that I like a lot of rock: Symphony X, Muse, Dream Theater.

I actually really dig the Persona 3 soundtrack for working out, too.

Sometimes I will listen to non-pump up music, but I won't go so far as Chopin. Maybe some acoustic guitar stuff like Andy Mckee or whatever.

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This is my jam today:

Beatdrop - Overflow

Followed by:

Planes Mistaken for Stars - Hollow Point and Whiskey

PMFS is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, what with the severely indie aesthetics and recording techniques but I have yet to find a band that packed as much raw energy into songs as they did. 1:54 to the end pumps me so fucking hard.

Edit: Adding one more for a ridiculously intense end:

Secret Chiefs 3 - Horsemen of the Invisible

I have no comment except it is a must listen to for intense world-inspire music

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