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Final Fantasy 9 'You're Not Alone Vocal Mix'


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this last mix is great, i don't know what to tell you about the vocals. they are phenomenal, the lyrics are great, and you have a wonderful voice. their is still something eerily awkward about the whole mix though. It's not bad by any means. Just different. Actually after writing that, I realized that's exactly why I like it. It's the perfect remix of a thoughoughly amazing piece of music. I say it's ready for its final runthrough. I hope it gets on here. Good luck.

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Umm well, Hai!

DragonAvenger, whom I've worked with on other mixes, contacted me about this mix a couple weeks back asking if I could help on the vocal processing. I said yes. So I tried playing around with it a bit, catchy tune I might add. I wanted to post this hear to get your reaction to it to see how it's coming along. I'm not sure about the flanger on the first verse, nor is DA sure about the difference in echoes between the first verse and the rest of em.

SO let us know what you think, your feedback is much appreciated.



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The first verse with the flanger sounds off. The timing of the effect feels really off. IMO I'd use a vocoder on that first verse. Prob vocode the the vocal from 3:46 and on too.

The high end on the vocals feels a lil dry throughout the song. Some more noticeable delay on parts of the vocals to emphasize certain words would go really well.

The doubled vocals really add some nice variation to the mix.

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While the vocals are generally pleasant, It might be a good idea to add some (more) reverb to have them blend with the mix a bit better, and maybe play around a bit more with the panorama settings, especially at the doubled parts.

Also, I think this needs an instrumental solo at some point, because apart from the vocals there isn't really any development throughout the mix, the instrumentation tends to become quite cut+paste, and I think some kind of rad electric guitar solo would totally put this mix over the top (though a piano, synth, or even a violin solo would work great as well).

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You are Not Alone! is definitely begging for lyrics. I started writing some (not so good ones) myself a few years ago, but yours are definitely better.

The first verse seems a lot choppier than the rest of the singing. Not sure if that's intentional or not, but it seems like it could flow a little better if you smoothed out that very beginning. I suppose it could be intentional, since the original and mix have a sort of choppier start.

Two examples of how vocals might sound smoothed out.

First verse smoothed out, in my natural singing voice, a bit lower than yours

First verse, just smoothed out, in my higher voice

I'll be looking forward to hearing your finished product.

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Thanks to idir for bumping this thread. I figured this remix would have been in full production by now. (I've been lazy with checking out the site overall. I figured I may have even missed it being posted).

You already put in the effort to write the lyrics, and asked for feedback on them. Why not at least give it another shot?

You say no one is interested? Do you need someone to help with the music? Or do you think that even if you did finish it up, nobody would be interested in listening (even though there's still a few of us chiming in again now that this thread has been temporarily revived)?

If you need someone to help with the music - give the lyrics another shot. Get them to sound pretty dang good, and then spam some inboxes, lol!

I've actually kind of started to associate the original music of You Are Not Alone! with the lyrics you wrote. I'd like to hear a finished version.

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