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OCR AG 3 : Hyper Street Fighter II

Arek the Absolute

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i beat eazyp 3-0 i guess

we played a couple of practice matches, then he ragequits and says i can just take the matches, that he can't win because of my cheap tick throws

People in my house kept telling me to get off the computer, as I was on for a while doing music stuff, I'm no good at SF2, and you of all people should know that once you get into a tick throw string, it's almost impossible to get out of, especially with unresponsive controls so my charge characters moves can't come out (which is terrible, all my favorites are charge characters)

John, john, john, whatever, no rage (maybe a bit from losing so bad, more disappointment than anything) but I wasn't going to win and I had to go so you can have it

If you really want to play the last match, fine go ahead and I'll play sometime

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