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OCR00704 - Mega Man 2 "Dr. Wily Haunts Flash Man"


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I've never been one for heavy guitars,but this track makes me want to run out and save the world from Dr.Wily. When I first noticed the beggining of Flashman's stage in the guitar solo parts,I almost fell down and crapped my pants it was so fly.I would have never suspected Flashman would work in the heavy sence....with a flute.

totally awesome.

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This remix is great! If Noppz´s remix was pure techno, then this is 100 percent full velocity guitarthrash. Is always nice to see that there are more swedes around here than you expect. Sadly, I have no more to say about this remix, the speed and rhytm talks on its own, but this remix is far from simple. Great remix dude.


Let me know if you enjoy it!


An another one! After analyzing it, I found it very good, skilled guitarplay with a nice set of drums kicking up the adrenaline level to new hights. But I have big trouble figuring out the original song track. I think it´s the boss theme. Either way, awesome remixes, both of them.

Hoppas du gör fler remixer i framtiden!

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Everyone’s favorite source from Mega Man 2 is definitely a main part of this mix. Not much in a change from the source, aside from a couple original sections. More of that would have been nice.

My biggest problem with the mix overall is that the two themes are placed side by side. There might as well have been two separate mixes, rather than one after the other. The harmony in the high line that compares to the ‘flute’ that starts the Flashman theme is my favorite part of the mix overall (3:07 or so). Too bad it only lasts about four seconds.

Sounds are not great, but overall I don’t mind them. More an age thing than anything else, so I won’t fault. Percussion overall is pretty complimentary, and doesn’t get repetitive.

Overall, it doesn’t stand out as the best mix of either theme, and honestly could have been two separate mixes, but it’s worth a listen.

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Hey folks,

I just wanted to let you know I have some new game remixes available at my blogg.

Check them out at http://blogg.morningdewmedia.com

Also be sure to check out the game LEGIO which will be released Q2 2009 which features my orchestral music. The game was published by Paradox interactive.



Mattias Holmgren / Composer for media



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Though the production isn't as pounding as it'd be if made recently, this is pretty amazing stuff; excellent solos throughout, and in 2002 this would have absolutely blown my mind. Even now it sounds really really good. Tracks like this are one of the reasons the bar is so high for rock remixes nowadays. Be sure to give this one a listen, you will not be disappointed.

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