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Virginia Tech Shooting


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As a student of Virginia Tech, and currently on campus, I can tell you that it's been absolutely horrible here. The death toll is at least 21, possibly more, with at least 8 injured. I don't know the status of them.

I was in my second class of the day, at about 9:30AM, that I heard the first sirens going to West Ambler Johnston, a dorm, where the first shootings occurred. One of the dead was killed there, and I think one or two others were injured. At 10AM, when I got out of my class, the reports were coming in to get indoors and stay there. Sometime between then and 10:30AM, the shootings at Norris and Holden Halls occurred; those are academic buildings with classes running in them. That's where most of the fatalities were. They were mostly students, if not all students. There was at least one professor injured (shot in the arm/shoulder).

Classes are canceled for today and tomorrow.

I will keep you updated as things come in on my end.

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Small Update

First, the shooting at West AJ (the dorm) was on the 4th floor. The student killed there was a Resident Adviser.

Second, there's been unconfirmed reports that, prior to the shooting itself in Norris Hall, the gunman or an accomplice chained the classroom doors closed so that the people inside couldn't escape when he shot inside the rooms. This might explain why students were jumping out of windows to escape the building. I'm not sure how such a thing would be accomplished without anyone noticing, but that's what I'm hearing right now.

The gunman is confirmed dead, if anyone is wondering. The police believe he acted alone, but this is not confirmed and they are still investigating the possibility of a second shooter.

If I recall correctly, this is now the worst school shooting that has occurred in the United States.

Thanks to everyone for their concern. I don't know the status of the people I know here yet, unfortunately.

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Whats the point in that...

Thats what makes me so angry about these things, how can you justify doing something like that, why would you actively destroy the lives of that many people, and all their family and friends...


People who do these sorts of things are past normal rationality. They perhaps try to justify it that everyone their whole lives have put them down. Or perhaps they thought they saw an angel who told them to massacre people at the school. Or maybe, and this one really makes me sick to think about, they thought it would be fun.

Whatever the person was thinking, it wasn't sane. And when a person is insane, anything can go.

Edit: By anything can go, I mean anything goes in that persons world.

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