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Captain S Series Finale

Shael Riley

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Hey, guys.

For the past 6-or-so months I've been spending two thirds of my weekends--the ones during which I'm not making music--playing a supporting character in a web-based miniseries called Captain S. The show tells the story of a teenager who gains the ability to travel into video games, ala Captain N, but, then, also spends a good deal of time tending to his schoolwork and relationships with his friends in the real world-- a sort of super-hero juggling act reminiscent of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and, perhaps more strongly, Sailor Moon--oh man, I fucking loves me some Sailor moon....Anyway.

After hours upon hours of hard work from executive producer Chad Williams, formerly of X-strike Studios, and Producer/directors Bret Vanderbrook, Lindsey "Z" Briggs, and, last but not least, my brother Devon Riley, they've managed to produce and promote ten complete episodes, having released the series finale, Episode 10, early this afternoon.

It would mean a lot to me if some of my older friends, the old guard from the fan-made video game music arrangement scene, would check out what me and the friends I've made since moving to New York City have been up to.

Beyond the aforementioned, the series features unique, trade-secret special effects by PBC Productions, to the end of creating "video land" sequences: sequences in which actors are portrayed as animated sprites on a scrolling 16-bit background, as opposed to simply green-screened in in real time; mediocre acting by the more-well-known-for-his-music Yours Truly; a cornucopia of homages to video games of the 16-bit era, as well as after-school programming by Saban and their imitators; my really hot girlfriend; kids; animals; puppets, and a no-fucking-around, genuinely studio recorded, all-analog rock soundtrack by my friend and recent collaborator Glenn Case.

All ten episodes are freely viewable as .movs at the PBC Productions website, and as FLVs, via Macromedia Flash Player on www.screwattack.com.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you guys again sometime soon.


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Ah, cool. I've been meaning to catch up on this. The last ep. I saw was #5. Thanks for the link (I lost it again...). What I've seen so far was pretty good. I've considered watching Captain N because of this show. However, I've heard (on numerous occasions) that Captain N isn't that great...

Anyway, thanks for the shows. They're enjoyable. Hopefully, you guys consider doing some more, eventually. Mouser X out.

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looks like you guys had a lot of fun with this. great concept.

for what it is, it's pulled off remarkably well. the acting and the story arcs are pretty weak compared to the sfx, but the series is fun, and the filmmakers' enthusiasm for the project is easy to pick up on.

other misc thoughts:

*the gaming sequences look amazing.

*despite an admirable attempt to shoot around it, the back of chad's Duke jacket becomes distracting (at least for me), especially cuz its never explained. i don't like pretending that I can't see a giant blue devil every time captain s turns around.

*take this as a compliment, shael, but you're not convincing as a dumb guy ;)

*for as much as this is a tribute to saved by the bell, i really wish you guys had made the story arcs match what we see on TV. captain s is not a protagonist, cuz he never seems to learn anything from his adventures except "cool, i can kick stuff in 16 bits." i can't imagine how much effort must have gone into the sfx, so it was dissapointing to be shortchanged in the story category. if you guys do season two, please make Chad adapt from his journey. flat characters are hard to become invested in.

like i said before, you guys have done a lot with a little, and you should all be proud. thanks for posting this on the boards!

edit: oh, i almost forgot. great soundtrack!

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