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OCR FG 5: Puzzle Fighter

Arek the Absolute

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Since no winner could really be declared considering Epic went MIA, Hemo has been chosen as winner.

We have a little interesting selection for this tournament. It will be "out of the norm", but hopefully people will still find it "cool" enough to join in!

This tournament's game shall be Puzzle Fighter!

In this tournament, we shall be doing the "round robin" format. Rules are simple for this. Default settings are mandatory.

You will be playing best 3 out of 5.

We will be using an emulator called Kawaks, a cps1/cps2 and neogeo emulator. It has its own netplay option that does not require lan, so we do not need to worry about using Hamatchi. You can use whichever server fits you best to play your matches on. East coast should use "anti3d", while the West coast should use "fragbox". These two are the best for both coasts, and should help to minimize desynching and ping issues.


Kawaks has been updated from 1.57 to 1.58, so please be sure to go get the latest version.

Sign ups end May 27th and Round Robin ends May 30th, so join in on the action!

Practice hard and "Go for broke"!

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I just realized how much Ifail at puzzle games today. My friend, who I can best in most competitive games, gave me a whooping in Tetris Attack this morning. Then, later today, I started playing tetris attack and failed miserably again.

Can't wait to start playing you guys....

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Won vs. Keegan 3-1.

I think I gotta give him recognition for this: He had a 99 combo ready to utterly crush me in a very close round when I just barely slipped by with a smaller counter. Good games my man, good games.

Also, Kamoh, I have changed my avatar back to the Slayer one (didn't notice it disappeared...!), so if you feel it's worth it, you can switch it on the tournament board next time you update it. Thanks.

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