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FAC - Fan Art Competition 12: Super Mario Brothers [RESULTS]


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this month in particular school's been driving me in-freaking-sane... but it's almost over

...almost over...

entry this month? I just got an inspiration but I'm afraid to say I may not finish by the deadline :(

And yeah, I really hate the competitions board, it's a real pain in the ass because it gets no notice. All comps seem to be going like that now.


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Is there a rule against posting a shameless plug thread on the main forum? We could maybe post a thread, even if it's bound to get locked, containing a link to this thread and a short message:

Did you know?

OCR has a competitions forum, which is occasionally used to service the various competitions that the OCR forum has to offer - sometimes people even enter these competitions! Lately, fewer people have been accidently clicking the "competitions" link, and so contest participation has seen a sharp decline. This dark corner of the website contains not only past competitions that have since died, but ones that are still currently running! Not all the competitions are remix-related, and not even music-related; there is a monthly fan art competition, an emulation tournament, and even Name That Screenshot.

"Oh, that's where they all went!"

Well, now that you know, why not enter a contest, vote, or simply acknowledge its existence? Who knows, you might even have fun!

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Hey! An extension! wouldn't that be something! :-o

I'm for any extension at all. I've got the house to myself this week, and the longer I can procrastinate on this the better. Lots of parties, work, home and yard maintenance to do... so little time to draw... .. ahem. Of course I'll still submit something shitty if that's all I've got the day it's due. :roll:

And I'll be sure to hassle Ramaniscence before the day it's due. The more entries the better!

Edit: DUDE! I'm an octorok!

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One of the things I was working on that I decided to drop in the favor of something better :o

Something better...that might not get colored :(

hah, that's pretty freaking cool. Not unlike yourself, I sincerely doubt I'll get around to flooding the pic I've committed to with colour.

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lolz guys lern2timemanagement. I hope you all have kick ass entries with all this extra time. :P

baaah, that's just the problem. Time management skills have taught me that FAC doesn't come before work and prior commitments.... I have however had ample opportunities before this week to work on it.. I just forgot. LAWLALWLAWL :sad:

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