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Has this ever happened on the WIP board before?

Meteo Xavier

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A couple days ago, probably yesterday actually, I posted a WIP for an oc remix I'm working on (with a possible collaborator) to very humbling success and I chose savefile.com as my MP3 host.

Well, I get on savefile today and my download count fucking skyrocketed. There have only been about 60 views to my WIP thread and the download count for that file is close to 1800.

Eighteen HUNDRED.

And I checked it again when I got home to make sure it wasn't a mistake and sure enough, it wasn't.

So what the hell happened? Did I get hit by a bot or something? I find it difficult to believe that each person who stopped in to look downloaded it 30-40 fucking times.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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honestly what does it matter

is this really THAT important to you that you made a thread about it

or did you wanna say hello overclocked remix look at me im so cool everyone is downloading my wip go download it too

1800 downloads in 60 page views? Thats not something to be proud of, thats something to be suspicious of, and I've never heard of any kind of anomally like that before so if someone knows something about it, I'd sure like to be informed to.

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Server error?

Thats what I thought at first, but it had the bandwidth to match it and its still there

Other people on savefile have easy access and maybe thought you had a leaked song or something...?

Thats news to me, I thought savefile accounts were pretty isolated from each other. I haven't explored much of the site but there isn't anything that tells me its pretty open.

And even still, It had only been up for about 23-26 hours by the time I checked it, and I doubt a work in progress by a no-name-nobody such as myself could justify that kind of number.

My biggest fear is its a bot or some kind of hacker thats trying to drive my bandwidth out of control or gain access to something through it.

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