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Chrono Cross/Legend of Zelda - Dream of the Storm WIP

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I originally posted this sometime last fall, but school got me busy and I tossed it to the side for several months. Now it's back with many, many changes (I hope for the better). However, the stereo sound's backwards for the two minutes or so; The left/right labels are wrong somewhere and I didn't realize it until I tried playing it back. This is just a WIP though, so I hope it doesn't bother you all that much. There are also some playing flaws, but it'll all be corrected when I make a final recording. I didn't want to spend to much time perfecting this version. This is my first remix so thanks for any comments.

The source tunes are "Windmill Hut" (The Song of Storms) from Legend of Zelda and "Dream of the Shore" from Chrono Cross, thus the title, which I think evokes an accurate sense of the overall feel of the piece.


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Love it dude, epic melody. I think you already hit on the major points that need fixing. 1:55 could smoother transition, although as it sounds it would be a bitch to try and write a smooth transition there.

2:20 to 3:00. You are playing in the same range the entire time. 40 seconds is a little long to be playin without any expansion or variation on the piano.

Can't wait to hear the final version this song has such emotive qualities.

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