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pixietricks - Dreaming Still (Nicole's Azure Strings Mix)

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The intro could use some softer strings, at least the first two or four chords.

I have not dealt with note velocities yet. I do most of that when the arrangement is complete.

I'm missing something in the left ear high range to counter the right-panned hihat.

Drum programming is not complete yet.

There's some annoying whipping noises in the high range up until the 1:40 break. They're pretty annoying, sounds like phased or flanged hihats which doesn't work well in this soundscape, imo.

Are you talking about the FX crash? If so, I used it because it adds to the uplifting feeling of the song. If you're not talking about the FX crash, I can't think of what you're referring to.

There's some crackling noises. Are you using Vinyl on this? I don't think it has the effect you intended, it's not audible during the louder sections, and it's distracting during the soft ones,

Yes, I was using a vinyl sample for the crackle. I wanted the bridge to have somewhat of a trip-hop feel. Listening on my monitors, I think the crackle sits in the mix fine.

The strings arrangement is pretty. The ending sections are totally awesome, from the point where the drums cease 'til the point where the strings should have faded. Yes, _should_ have.

I have spent hardly any time on the ending. I already plan on filtering out the chords.

btw, your WIP version numbers aren't very consistant: v1, v2, v4.1, 3.2. Any particular idea behind that? :D

I mentioned in red text that the stuff below was irrelevant. :wink: Those updates were concerning an older take on the song. Version 3.2 is only concerning this new rework. (Versions one, two and three were only sent to a few people.)

Thanks for your breakdown. I did this demo in like two days so it most definitely needs some polish. All in good time.

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in reference to CC V3.2:

I love this, no, like, really really love this. i truly believe it is this kind of effort that makes music touch people in ways nothing else can. this is well executed and has a proper duration leaving me satisfied knowing that i have shared the emotions this work of art can induce with its creator but am also wanting more because of an abrupt drop off that leads to an immediate feeling of emptiness.

i would like to cry now. very good work.

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The whole song's a bit loud. I mistake the vinyl for clipping. Does it last throughout the whole song? Despite this and my opinion that this song is overdone, it still sounds enjoyable, possibly from how decently crisp it sounds, and actually even from how it doesn't focus too much on the melodies, and overall has a solid arrangement behind it. I liked the jazzy section. Reminded me of JJT's FF6 mix.

I'm sure the singing won't be too bad, but I'm not really a fan of any singing when comparing it to an instrumental version. Having two versions would be cool for anyone with a similar opinion.

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Great, mellow work. I love that horn bit in the beginning of the break, it's very effective.

Comparing this remix to something by zircon or even BT, for example, the perceived loudness is about the same. The vinyl sample, being a stylistic choice, only plays during the break.

I agree with Audity, it's very loud. I listened to zircons Dirt Devil and Monstrous Turtles (edit: Deliverance of the Heart is a good comparison, too), and it's noticeably louder than those. I complained of loudness with the recent Animal Crossing ReMix. If a "soft" piece is loud, louder than a Sixto guitar thrashing piece, it's very jarring. This is a bit loud for me. (ok, that's probably "loud" said too many times already)

If the vinyl sample plays only during the break, then there's some light brittle rattling during the louder parts. Well, I get some anyhow. :)

I imagine pixietricks vocals will be just fantastic with this track..


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