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[WIP] FFIX - You're not alone (getting ideas down)


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it's a good start, but the interpretation is a little too basic right now.

I'm not a huge fan of the clap.

The synths vary from being cool (the breakdown synth is nice) to generic (the plucks throughout and that clap), but overall it just seems kindof generic. Could you add an additional melody line or change up the chord progression?

Right now it sounds like a trance cover of the original, which is cool, but it's not yet a ReMix.

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I really love this song. It's prolly my fave. FF song ever. so i will not go easy with this:

I simply cannot see how you can interpret this into something so light and spirited. This song was made to represent a very troubling situation. And IMO it should continue to carry that intensity, no matter what genre you choose to do it in, and that severity has been washed out. Don't misread and feel that i'm saying you suck at your work. it is well done. but i think you should replay the original and really feel where this song was meant to affect the audience and try to put back in the emotional state it is supposed to reflect. i think a lower bass line and a darker melody would do well. the tempo doesnt need work. I sounds pretty good at that speed i think. but its just not heavy enough (i mean it's airy, not soft).

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After a looooooong time I decided to add and scratch something from the project. I really need to keep working on this, it's only 40% from what I want it to be.

As for being generic, true. I want to keep this in an oldschool trance jacket. (read: Sash - Encore Une Fois-style) I could maybe add some more dynamics and spice it up a little to the new standards of trance.

The clap will be the next thing to rework into this, or maybe even cut out. ;-)

About the lighthearted feeling, I think I shouldn't make this too much like the feeling the original has. It could use some arps like "Adagio for Strings" though, but for that, i'd need a helluva lot more time on my hands, which I don't have at the moment. It's still on my to-try-list though.

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Latest update.

Change list:

- edited the bassline a bit

- made a proper intro (still needs work though)

- equalised the whole a bit

- added a nice pad to the main melody

- added some breaks

- added some percussion

So, here's the link.

I'd really like some feedback on this. It's still not done yet, and all help is welcome.

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Is there no one who would like to comment on this?

NEVER! :)!!

The lead melody sounds almost verbatim. 2:30 that counterpoint...is awesome. Really catchy and adds a lot of depth to mix. You need more elements like this all throughout the mix.

The low end sounds pretty. The general arrangement is good. Although there are a few basic things this really needs. One is some harmony and more present chord structure. The other is the hats need a lot more variation. Also more ear candy please. The mix seems to rely on the lead melody waaay to much. This needs more elements coming in and out. Keep working on this what you got is solid just start adding in more and more ideas to really push this over the top.

I really like the general sound structure you got going. The sounds of the leads are nice and the kick and bass sound good too.

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Production is better, and i've finally been cured of that clap!


One thing I noticed as that once things finally pick up, the song kindof goes on autopilot. There are some rises and falls, but they are not nearly pronounced enough. They need to be frickin huge.

Crank up the fills, build up some more pads right before a breakdown, and basically make the climaxes that much more epic.

Avaris made a good point that besides a cool bit of counterpoint, it's almost a midi rip as far as structure goes. Maybe have a section where you chop th hell out of the melody, or have a synth solo.

I know that you are going for a more traditionl style trance sound, but think of OCR as the type of place where you'd send the radio edit. Right now it's way too drawn out for the amount of material. Adding the new material would help, but I think you need to fill out the sections faster. The current length is good, it just needs a little more.

Production is pretty sound though, maybe add a little more sizzle to the cymbals. :-)

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Thanks guys. Now that's some criticism i've been waiting on. :D

I'm thinking of adding some arps, as well as some extra riffs of some sort. The current pad needs a supporting layer i guess. Maybe i'll 'groove' the main melody up a bit.

And i definitely will work on the builds. Now i read your comments and listened to the track at the same time, i see what you meant.

The piano section will still be in there, it just needs some TLC, and when the rythm starts, i'll try and slowly transcend it into a more fitting synth, with a bit more groove also.

I still need to seriously master this, so in the end i'll try to get a more higher soundquality overall.

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BTW I LOVE your ELLE mix. Can you RE-do another Elle mix and make it into a sad, simphonic with piano like song? OR can you give me your midi data and I can make one myself. I'll put us on collaboration when/if I submit it, since I'd have your midi data ><. Cuz this is 1 of my favorite songs :D.

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0:00 - Typical dark strings, not much to go off of.

0:14 - Little half tempo section. I don't really like the pluck-ey synth, it gives off a completely different mood and the two synths don't go together very well.

1:09 - Kick comes in along with the typical house stuff. I like the percussive elements, they all fit together rather nicely. I can't say I like the bassline that comes in, a bit too clown-ey for me. honestly, first thing I thought of when I heard it.

2:06 - Bass and melody are both in, and while the pluck-ey synth is playing something which sounds minor, the bassline sounds like it came straight out of a carnival, making things a bit weird. The other trance stab fits in but its a bit cheesey sounding.

2:58 - Quick breakdown, cheap trick but it works, no real complaints.

3:11 - It all comes in again for another round.

Overall, I'd say the entire thing sounds OK, however it all does seem cheesey all put together. At the very least you can try different synths for the parts as most of them are rather simple sounding. It wouldn't hurt to have one of those tech basslines either, something digital sounding with a hint of grime. Your percussion is spot on, I quite like it. You could add a sidechained pad or something for atmosphere if you wanted to as well. I dunno, I'm just kinda brainstorming but at the very least I would consider new synth sounds and something that adds more atmosphere.

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Great to hear you like my Elle piece HoboKa. Mind you, it got rejected already, and i'm planning on doing a resub. Can't say when though, since i'm really busy lately.

The Vagrance, Thanks for the cool point-to-point review. The bassline actually is too "happy and bouncy" for this piece. Maybe I could rewrite it to something more epic.

The main aim for this remix is oldschool trance, like the late 90's, early 2000. I'm aware this piece needs more supportive synths. I'm currently trying to add an arpeggio. ;-)

The sidechain is actually a great idea too. I'll look into that.

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Great to hear you like my Elle piece HoboKa. Mind you, it got rejected already, and i'm planning on doing a resub. Can't say when though, since i'm really busy lately.

Lol yeah I actually went and did some work on the Terranigma 'Sad' song, but I can't figure out the guitar/bass lines, I only got the main melody going...I don't really want to do a midi rip, but least I tried ^^.

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hey, nice to see a fellow trance guy here - seems like we don't get much love from the judges though, oh well.

I'm going to nitpick so bear with me. sorry...or perhaps you're some sort of sadist? heh...

anyway, the pad at the beginning could be a tad bit louder - it gets lost in the stuff that happens later.

The intro is fine to me, but when the kick comes in I really want it to punch, ya know? Try compressing it with a fairly high ratio and eqing the high and low ends up. (think 10 - 150ish hz) and then slowly raise the lowmids (like 300s) up while the song is playing until it "punches" through the mix.

personal preference, though, if you like that kick, then stick with it.

The hats needs some hi end eq to add some sparkle.

Try adding more arps/more pads (I see you are already working on that, yay)

the bass line, which could probably be rewritten, needs some work like the kick. compress it, then eq the low mids up and eq the low low frequencies down. You don't want it interfering with the kick, but you want it low and heard.

your main leads could use some delay to help even out the soundfield.

Phew, what a complicated post. Sorry if it's too..weird...for you. Seriously, this is better than most trance I've heard posted as WIPs. Update soon!

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