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Did you like EarthBound?

Red Shadow

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Now here's something interesting.


Starmen.net has an addition to their "Earthbound Siege" where they want people to send messages to Shigesato Itoi. Keeping the messages simple, of course, so that he can understand them. They'll screen the entries and when they send him a translated (and apparently special) version of the Earthbound Anthlogy. This is one of the extras he'll get: various fan mail from people like you or me telling him how much we appreciate his work.

Starmen.net's Siege is easily one of the most organized, compelling, and by far the coolest method of petitioning I've pretty much ever seen.

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That is a good way to petition right there.

Since I don't remember posting in here before...

I always loved Earthbound, but I never actually finished it more than a couple times because every time I played it I just expected more and more from the gameplay. It looks and sounds like you should be doing more than just issuing commands. The game compels you to want to do more than the simple interactions that were possible back then. I dunno, just feels weird. I would have loved Earthbound to have been a tight platform/adventure/RPG, but it's still more than beautiful in its current state.

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I remember renting Earthbound at Blockbuster a loooooooooong time ago at random. I had no idea what the game was, and I never heard about it. I'm so glad I rented it. To my surprise, they actually still had the giant book that came with it. I loved the game so much, that I got it for my birthday.

My brothers made fun of me/the game for what it was. The way it looked, and what it says when you defeat an enemy: "has been tamed". They sure missed out :P

I want to play this again, but I have no snes controllers and no power cable :[

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