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OCR00776 - Dragon Warrior "Journey of Solitude"


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The source has been one of my favorite video game tunes since I first heard it in Dragon Warrior Monsters, and I always wanted to hear an epic symphonic rendition of it.

With this arrangement, my wish has been granted. I don't think you could get better than this if you tried, it captures the essence of the source perfectly and is what it should have sounded like if the NES had somehow had CD-quality sound. Also, like djpretzel, I'm definitely getting the Trevor Jones/Dark Crystal vibe from this one, it is very similar to the work he did for that movie's score, which is just another reason for me to like this ReMix.

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Dragon Warrior was my first RPG. I was young when I played it, somewhere between 6 and 8, but I remember that even then what drew me intot he game was the overworld theme. Its haunted by lonliness, and while the theme of the quest is also present, I've always thought that it took a back seat to the theme of the solitary hero. This mix is nicely done by adding the epix feel to the piece, and it is interesting to see the two themes that I pictured in the original reversed. Until about 1:05 the mix stays very true to the original tune, but then takes on the epic quality after that. I'm not saying that a song can't be both epic and lonely, but I think that one comes out more than the other.

Great job with this :-)

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Pretty nice mood set here, the harp writing especially was what set this over the top for me. Very epic feeling overall, and it fits the source music perfectly. The transition 3/4 the way through was a bit weak, I think a little bit of time to let the phrase simmer before hitting the coda would have been better, but still, as is, some nice work from the esteemed Mr. Cox.

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and it suddenly occured to me that while many old-time games are represented (and well honored) by remixers on this site, I had never seen a Dragon Warrior remix. After a quick search, I got to listen to quite a few - but nothing approached this. What an emotional, original feel that does both justice to one of the most distinctly simple-yet-deep melodies a game has ever had. The best of what you're looking for. Get this mix.

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