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Non-ocr vg remixes and vg remix sites

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Yeah those are mine. They are all midi rips (for the most part) with minor alterations. I did them all for a thread on Something Awful, which with over 100,000 users, is a very fast paced forum. Basically, people requested video game songs that they wanted electronic versions of (not necessarily remixes), so I made them. They were made back when I didn't know anything about anything, and so the excitement overshadowed the quality. The funny names were just added to offset any dissatisfaction with the actual song; heh.

Since then, I've realized that electronic music isn't really my thing, and I've made a few (and will be doing more) acoustic and electric covers of video game songs. Like this one of "To Zanarkand" off Final Fantasy X: http://groggie.com/music/?p=3

Wink's Alakening is like the worst one out of all of those. I put the most effort into King Teeheehee and one that isn't complete yet (I'm hoping to submit it to OCR again soon).



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I don't see the problem with this topic. I posted something like this times ago from all the Megaman Remixes I have found. That list is still up on my Google Account, but it's a bit out of date (many links are down, I have the right version on my CPU).


BTW: Don't try to look on my real site, the songs are sooo bad.

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nobody uses my free music thread anymore ;[

I'd use it if the links were organized in a neat list instead of being scattered through out the thread; think LAOS's internet videos thread, though even that has fallen apart somewhat due to dead links and the listing itself not updating...

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I'd use it if the links were organized in a neat list instead of being scattered through out the thread

It is in a neat list - see that threaded list in the box above the viewable posts? :(

I don't have time to make a gigantic list, seriously. And most of the music I post comes from only 3 or 4 sites anyway. You're too demanding T_T

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