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FLMC - Fruity Loops Music Competition 7: Super Metroid [VOTING]

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I've got fruity loops version (second only to the sexpress edition in cheapness) so I'll see what all I can use.

I'm pretty sure it's limited to full edition stuff, though.

So... if you can write everything and save it, and you aren't using external samples or plugins, then you're fine. External means you have to buy it separately or in one of the uber-packs, like Sytrus...

So here's a list of things I can use. This may or may not be exhaustive.


Audio clip/Sampler (as long as what you're sampling is rendered by you from these instruments, or is preset in FL)


Speech Synthesizer





FL Keys



Fruit Kick

Envelope controller


Keyboard controller,

Fruity Slicer

MIDI out (use this with fruity LSD (special effect) if you want to hear sound)


Wave Traveller

Now for effects,


7 band EQ




dB meter


Delay 2

Delay Bank

fast Dist




Formula Controller

Free Filter

HTML NoteBook

Love Philter

Multiband Compressor


Parametric EQ

Parametric EQ2

Peak controller



Reeverb 2

Soft Clipper



Stereo Enhancer



X-Y controller

So pretty much everything but Edison.

I'd list all the samples, but that would take a loong time...

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ok so i don't know this compo well, what specificially can't you use in the first rule?

can you use FL Keys? 3xOSC? BooBass?

FL Keys is okay, BooBass is fine.

3xOsc is pretty much a necessity, lol.

RocketSniper's list is pretty much accurate. The only things you really have to worry about is no external samples, no sytrus, no wasp, and no soundfonts.

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Well, me and El Pollo diablo had decided to do a collab, but that doesn't seem to be happening. He's not returning my PM's. I know time is pretty much out, but I'm just wondering how you guys start off, I've never done a re-mix before but I've got the equipment now and am ready to start. Any tips at all would be good, and if anyone knows where el pollo is, let me know :lol:

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Yeah, I'm sorry. Liontamer decided to be a fucktard and merged EPD's and my accounts since we were posting from the same computer. That means that I've got all of his PM's making my box about 150% full. I can't receive any PM's and I'm afraid to delete the wrong ones.

I keep telling my bro to post here, but I guess he hasn't. Try your damnedest to contact him on MSN or something.

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I'm posting what I have...

http://rocketsniper.googlepages.com/RocketSniper_FLMC7_Untitled.zip (4 megabytes)

http://rocketsniper.googlepages.com/RocketSniper_FLMC7_Untitled.mp3 (3 megabytes)

I'm not too pleased with it. I'm still working on it, but at this point, I'm confused as to how to end it... and/or how to rearrange things so it makes sense...

I need an arranger! aah!

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