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OCR00793 - Wizards & Warriors "Kono Sekai De"


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I LOVE U, DJ Crono!! ^_^ All your ReMixes are awesome! :o This is in the top ten of my OC ReMixes :D But maybe... the lyrics start a bit late.. but just a LITTLE!! I love J-Pop too, and VGM with lyrics. I've never play da game, but it matters? of course NOT. I really enjoy with this ReMix, and........hey, that's sound like a DDR (Dance Dance Revoltion or Dancing Stage) song, isn't it?? :lol:

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this song doesn't work very well for me. It becomes very repetitive (and calling this a style doesn't change that) and the voices aren't really fit for either amusement or serious song support. Unfortunately, they get increasingly important as the track develops- which it actually does the way it is supposed to (that is, by switching parts of a loop on and off and adding new things once in a while). At around 2:20, when multi-layered voices set in, the weakest part reveals since the parallel singers fail to make a unity, so it feels like a croud of drunk party people. Well, that might be intended :< but sober it's not much of a treat.

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My #1 guilty-pleasure mix. My favorite mix to run to. This song was playing in its full bass-heavy glory when my upstairs neighbor banged on my ceiling and screamed "people are trying to sleep, here!" It was 9am, he should have been goddamned awake, and this song is goddamned awesome.

Congrats to Jovette on his work outside of OCR!

Hi all,

This is for anyone who is interested in JPOP.

Japan's #1 boy band, KAT-TUN, is releasing their new album "Break the Records - by you & for you -" this month on the 29th.

I wrote the bonus track for this album. My song is entitled "MOON", it's track 16. It's a heavy metal / classic Japanese shamisen song.

You can hear the "leaked" version of my song here (if you're interested)


or here


And for those interested in purchasing the album itself, here are some helpful links. It's on pre-order now.




Thanks for reading.

Here's hoping for good sales opening week =)

~Jovette Rivera.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00793 - Wizards & Warriors "Kono Sekai De"

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