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MEETUP: September 15th, San Francisco.


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Gah, why did you have to chose Saturday? I was so ready for Friday!

Anyhow, this is the current status on my request for Saturday off:

Request Status:


Creation Date:

09-09-2007 04:30 pm




Wait (Closed/Pending: The maximum number of people have already been approved off for the date requested. Please try to trade with another employee. We will continue to monitor the date requested and notify you if more time-off becomes available. )



{CR-D: 0}

{CR-ND: 2344}

{MD%: 0}


Summary Memo:

Add segment


Sharma, Nicholas




(GMT- 08:00) Pacific Time (US Canada) DST Mar-Nov


In other words, they declined my request, but the ticket is still open. I might still be able to get it off.

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So.... I was born in california and lived 22 years of my life within an hour of san francisco.

and now, now that i'm in hawaii everything is happening in san francisco? even my girlfriend (who isn't from california, mind you) is living in san francisco right now.

this sucks, screw hawaii. oh, and have fun guys.


How 'bout y'all meet up a few hours east of San Fran. at the best lake in the country. Heh, heh.

OCR snowboarding trip WOOOOO!!!

but seriously that would be awesome. and less nerdy. <3 Snowboarding.

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