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The MAGFest 6 Topic (omgz)

Geoffrey Taucer

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I'm willing to give anyone a lift from Dulles if needed. I'm a couple miles away and wouldn't mind helping some people out. If the airfare works out cheaper to fly into IAD, just let me know and we'll arrange something. Free, of course. Rates into DCA are usually pretty rough.

That would be much appreciated. The price isn't really an issue since I'm using a voucher, so the main factor is which airport is more convenient in terms of location and arrival times.

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Dude, if it's not about the price, then why wouldn't you want to fly into the same town where the convention is, as opposed to an hour away in a different state?


Now I'm confused. Dulles in at worst 30-45 minutes from the hotel (thanks to the Greenway), plus it's in the same state as DCA/Reagan and Alexandria (All in VA). Now if you're talking BWI, that's another matter.

Between here and the Shizz I've had one taker on the Dulles offer. This means either people are getting sweet deals into DCA or they're terrified of getting a ride from me. Understandable given how infrequently I post :-)

Being honest, my motive was just to get to meet a few people outside the mob setting at the fest. At MAGFest 4 I didn't know anybody beforehand and, as a result, spent the weekend keeping myself company. Rather not repeat that mistake.

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There's another issue I need to get sorted out before I choose an airport...I might be arriving pretty late on Thursday. How late are you willing to do pickups, NC_Dave? And to anyone who knows, how late will the DCA shuttles be running?

Anytime. I'm flexible.

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On a related note: are you also willing to do drop-offs on Sunday, and if so, what will your schedule be like?

Me? A Schedule? Nah man, it would motivate me to leave the apartment for a change. Anytime Thursday-Sunday is cool, inbound or outbound, no problems.

I'm still not sure how much of MAGFest I'll be attending (since I won't be staying at the hotel), irritating thing is there's usually no schedule until opening night. Either way, it's not far, I can always head back down if I'm not there.

For those who've never been to DC though, I'd seriously suggest getting a later flight and checking out the city before heading out.

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