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The MAGFest 6 Topic (omgz)

Geoffrey Taucer

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It was like right before one of the concerts on Saturday night, I felt kinda bad after.

I remember this; it was when Pong and I were walking back into the concert area looking for Hale while Select Start was beginning their set. I couldn't figure out whether she just couldn't recognize you or what.

I was too tired for the situation to have really kicked in, or else I would've bugged her about it during the entire rest of the concert for lulz.

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Straight from the depths of IRC...

<Cynagen> i don't know why i do it, but every few months i do a google search for my screenname to see what comes up

<Cynagen> i found an OCRemix archive thread, and dug up this link: http://spindance.ytmnd.com/

<Cynagen> btw, i'm going to make it a new post-magfest tradition that when all you get back

<Cynagen> i post that link, and force you all to pay tribute to the spindance


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There are talks of MAG VII being on New Year's Day.


Historically, MAGFest is always Thursday - Sunday.

And even if it is...

- Watch ball drop at midnight

- Catch some shut-eye

- Wake up

- Head out to MAG

- ???

- Profit

Brendan needs to stop being an idiot.

From what I hear, the hotel is making those couple of days EXTREMELY attractive. Not sure of the details, though.

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Fuck, judging from the Zelda LttP on the screen that must have been just after I left for the night. :puppyeyes:

There are talks of MAG VII being on New Year's Day.


I'd be up for it, if only so I don't get bored between New Year's and MAGFest like I was this year.

Besides, OCR NEW YEAR'S PARTY, anyone? Eh?? ;-)

Hell, I'LL host it if no one else will (whomever's willing to come to Harrisburg, PA...)

Now, the fun part:

My pictures are FINALLY uploaded to Flickr and Facebook is coming soon.

I'll post some highlights now.


Garian's #2, and [somebody]'s #3.


Geoffrey Taucer, Shnabubula, and somebody else play at JamSpace.

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