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The MAGFest 6 Topic (omgz)

Geoffrey Taucer

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Pics of her beating the crap out of Pikachu or it didn't happen.

Some lewd comment about my butt, do you think she's even fit inside a Pokeball? :wink:

Now you can. I didn't speak to you very much (apart from shared annoyance at that waiter) but you do kick ass at Megaman. Try this next time though.

Also I may in San Franciso this summer. In which case OC Cali meetup is in order while I'm there.


I hate that friggin' dragon. Normally I run through without dying, he is the only part of the game that ever gives me trouble. Charged heatman kills him in one shot, if I can land it. And I couldn't, in my inebriated rusty state. Good thing D-Lux was there to save the day! :mrgreen:

Besides, Dragonite and Gyrados fit in a ball with no issue.

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So its great you were all staring at my butt but like, can I still be taken srsly plz

All I have to say is..


And if it's any consolation I already told you I'm a fan of your ReMixes. Now make some new ones dammit!

Dang. Definitely post your DJ set when you get back! Aerofunknamics + Chocolate Rain = priceless.

Okay. I finally found the time to re-recorded it tonight proper (again, live in Traktor) sans vinyl intro or outro.

It's still flawed but judging from Starla's YouTube segment, which in my mind went well, it's a big improvement. (I swear, one of these days I'll learn how to make proper mash-ups in Ableton Live or something...)

In any case, Enjoy! 8-)


Yasunori Kitsuta was at MAGFEST!?!?!

I see what you did there...

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I still wish I could have spent more time with so many of you! ;_; Vilecat is one of the coolest new people I had the chance to meet. XD

Totally eclipsed by a French accent.

I've got 30 some odd pictures coming by whenever I can get them all processed to jpgs, should hopefully be by this weekend.

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Yeah, if you guys could actually post footage of a Rick Astley cover, that would pretty much make my month. I forgot who did Chocolate Rain (I think bustatunez was involved) but it was epic.

They actually did perform a rickroll at MAGFest, in jamspace right after the Smash Bros. set...Kroze hasn't posted the video yet though (and the video of zircon & pixie singing in Rock Band too).

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I believe the word you're looking for there is "enhanced." :D

"Enhanced", just like Starla's...





...fingers were in that blaze of Guitar Hero glory against Sammy.

What, were you expecting something different? ;)

To be perfectly honest, nothing pulled my attention to that "asset" which you guys all seem to be gawking over. *Shrugs* Don't know what the big deal is anyway.

But, really, it was awesome to see so many faces, familiar and new, at MAG this year. The OCR crowd keeps growing, and the international attendees too! I mean, it takes some real dedication to come from Sweden! <3 for AeroZ and Wire.

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