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R.I.P. Robert Jordan

The Dennis

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Well, the good news is, I believe I remember reading that he left notes, plot outlines/etc. to his wife, who he named his literary successor. But, still. What a bummer. He had a really, really rare disease that basically slowed down his writing near the end... he knew the clock was ticking.

* "Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain,"

* "That mountain can grow awfully heavy sometimes," [Rand] sighed, taking a spear and buckler from Rhuarc. "When do you find a chance to put it down awhile?"

"When you die," Lan said simply.

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Holy shit.

I admit it, I've been a WoT fan since grammar school, though increasingly disgruntled with it as the series has dragged on with diminishing quality. All complaints about WoT aside, he seemed like a pretty decent human being who took the time to respond individually to concerned fans on his blog up until his last days.

This is very sad. :(

His wife Harriet has been editing his books for a while (for better or worse :x) and is pretty involved with it all, so she'll certainly take up the reins now. And as The Dennis mentioned RJ had already planned for the contingency of dying before it was finished by writing lots of notes.

But what's especially sad to me is that there was a particular vision in his head of the end of WoT that will never quite make it to light (no pun intended) now, no matter how much he told Harriet and others or how many notes he took. In all selfishness I wish he'd been able to finish. Growing up with those books, the WoTverse has been a part of my mental landscape, and it has been starving for a sense of closure. RJ has said before that he's known how the series would end since the beginning, and it was just a matter of getting there. Well, dammit, now we won't have his own words about it.


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I've been reading WoT since I was 10 (now 22), and of course like many others I've really sad to see that WoT will now probably never get the exact conclusion it deserves. I've stuck by it as my favorite thing ever written since I first picked it up. I'm not sure how I feel about someone else finishing the series, I feel that whatever comes out will suffice but will most certainly not be as good as what Jordan himself could have done (of course). I'm also sad that he never got to finish a series whose ending he has known about for 20 years. I can only imagine how cosmically frustrating that could be. Not to mention not getting a chance at the Infinity of Heaven series he had planned to start on after WoT was said and done.

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I feel pretty bad for all the "he'll die before he finishes this stupid series" jokes I made back in high school now. :-(

Don't, we're all idiots with these things at some point in life.

James Oliver Rigney, Jr. was a man who obviously loved his writing. He invested a lot of his time into this series. And while it does suck that he will not see his work come to fruition, he will have lived his last days doing what he loved. Think about it, his last few days were spent doing something that mattered to him instead of sitting in fear of death. In fact, he actually can be quoted as saying:

"I’ll keep on writing until they nail down my coffin." - Robert Jordan

His passing away is sad, but whenever you will pick up a WoT book, you will be sharing in his passion for that work. And when "A Memory of Light" comes out, this book will be his final gift to his loyal readers.

Yes, death sucks, but you should appreciate what he has given you instead of regret what he hasn't been able to do. (This is pretty much how I've seen death for quite some time.)

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Haven't really been able to think of much else today other than this. Robert Jordan made quite an impression on my life and I can't help but feel that one of my personal heroes is gone.

You know, I met him once. October 15th, 2005 at the Philadelphia public library. He was doing book-signings for Knife of Dreams, and I decided to go. I almost didn't, thinking "Well, I can always go for his last tour." Little did I know, it WAS his last tour. RJ was a very kind, personable figure at the signing (as was his wife, Harriet, who allowed me to get three books signed at once without having to re-enter the line) RJ gave careful thought to the question I posed and even allowed me to ask a second question (most people were being told to "read and find out.")

Despite the fact that I got into a serious accident on the way back home from that signing (totaling my car) I can say it was definitely worth making the journey.

Rest in peace Mr. Jordan.

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