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New Pendulum single.


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In my years at OCR I have rarely if ever posted out of excitement for a non-VGM artist, so you know this is gonna be good..

The electronic/rock act "Pendulum" just put up a new single at their MySpace. It's called "Granite" and it is SICK AS HELL!!! Absolutely earthshaking beats, bass, and guitars, but more importantly, they use some badass chords, melodies, and synths. C64-style arps, 'Poltergeist' style sine wave leads, choir... man, it's just awesome. Very reminiscent of VGM in spots.


While you're there, check out the other tracks and the live videos.


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Beginning is sure reminiscent of the Castle Theme from Super Mario World.
I thought the same thing. Would be awesome to hear something similar to this on OCR.

As for the rest of the song: I think it's pretty good. I'm not quite feeling the vocals, but the rest of it is alright. I'll definitely be checking out this band's other music.

By the way, is there any reason why a band would post a radio rip on their official myspace? I've heard the incomprehensible words (heard as the song's fading out) on other radio rips from Zane Lowe's show. Plus, the version on their player is EXACTLY the same as the BBC Radio One recording that's been circulating online for the last week (save for the shitty myspace 96kbps/22khz bitrate).

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