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Another Soundscape featured on FF Podcast


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Hiya ;P

I recently got an e-mail from http://ff-xiii.net asking if they could use my song from Voices of the Lifestream, Too Much Fighting in their first episode of their podcast. Here's their story:

At the moment

we're creating a podcast for the site, and we're going to have a Final

Fantasy music remixes segment to end off each show where we'll wrap up

the show, then talk about the remix for a bit and say our good byes

before playing it in it's entirety.

We would like to know if you're interest in having your recent song

from OCRemix.org, "Too Much Fighting (Fanfare)" be the first song

we'll present. You'll be fully credit aloud during the segment as well

as OCRemix of course and a link to the song will be provided in our

Podcast's news update.

The Podcast is on iTunes and on the site, as well as on an RSS feed.

So far we've had 600 downloads of just our promo which has no Final

Fantasy content and has been up for only 2-3 days or so. I'm sure this

would be good publicity for your music as well if you're looking for


I said "hell yeah"!

So, tune in this Sunday on their site for the FFXII.net podcast featuring some of me. Avaliable on itunes at November 5th.

Hopefully they'll contact some more OCRemixers to share their FF love.

thanks for listenin'

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Hey Another Soundscape, thanks again for letting us use you awesome song! We've got it online now, everyone can check out the podcast at http://www.ff-xiii.net/index.php?page=article&article=191

you can also find it on iTunes sometime tomorrow, just search "FXN" or "Final Fantasy" under podcasts, you're bound to find it.

You're more than welcome. Hopefully you'll contact other OCRemixers so you can use all the awesome material that exists here.

Much love Larry!

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Well, first I'll say congratulations to Another Soundscape. He's a beautiful, beautiful Swedish man and I love him. Hahaha!!

Second, what exactly is a podcast? Is it an internet radio thing? What kind of thing was the FF8 podcast?

Awwwww! LOVE! :D

A podcast is downloadable internet radio. It was first distributed via iTunes but is now almost always downloadable at the podcast's site. Podcast's can be about everything and is a great way to get some interesting information about your favorite subject.

also, I have no idea what the FF8 podcast was O.o This was FF13 ;)

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You're more than welcome. Hopefully you'll contact other OCRemixers so you can use all the awesome material that exists here.

Oh I definately will be asking more remixers. Personally I love VG music and remixes and have like 1.5GBs worth of music from OCR myself.

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That almost sounds like the starting of some sort of crazy partnership!?1 Haha

For the next show I'm thinking of having a shorter song halfway through the podcast (which will also allow us to have a break! talking for 2 hours straight hurts the throat..heh), maybe around 3 minutes or so. I'm eyeing "Black Wing Metamorphosis (One-Winged Angel)", "Scenes from a Memory (On That Day, Five Years Ago...)" and "Nomura Limit (Fight On!)" as possibilities for sending out requests for.

I've also tried to track down Remixer Dellik (I'll guess he's a forum regular with 1600 posts and all, but I don't see any activity since July or so, so I don't know) so I can properly credit him. We used a part of "Chasing the Storm" a song by him off of VotL, for our Podcast Promo but hadn't asked. I want to apologize and ask if we can still use it or not or to take it down. I imagine he won't mind once we give him proper creditting and play it again on the podcast, which I want to do since it's like my favourite tune on the VofL album and my #1 request for the next show's feature song. I just gotta get a hold of the guy!

Boy this is fun, to bad the show's are only once a month! Oh yeah, the podcast in one day got almost 3000 downloads, so I think a couple people heard "Too Much Fighting (Fanfare)", haha.

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Sorry, typo on Rellik. I found his AIM, just going to talk to him when he comes online there, well, I hope.

Oh, and that 3000 didn't include any iTunes downloads more than likely, because when submitting the (first) show we didn't know to put a date on it, thinking iTunes would do it. iTunes didn't though, so the date was left empty, thus anyone that subscribed didn't automatically download it (the main feature of subscribing, it downloads it for you when a new show is online, so you don't have to keep checking for new shows).

We fixed the date thing on iTunes and now the auto downloading works fine, so the numbers should grow even more yet, plus day to day downloads.

Anywho, I was also thinking of asking Piano Squall if I could feature one of his songs, "Vamo'alla Flamenco' on the show. So I could have an OCR song and Piano Squall song all in one show. We're also planning on having a guest on from a big KH site, so they'll likely "plug" the podcast in a news post once it's online to, adding to the shows traffic and popularity (and I'm still, even after this, thinking of new respectable ways to grow the FXN Podcast audience, any suggestions btw?).

I'm also writing a letter to DjPretzel about a possible partnership or affiliates, or official recognition that the FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast features promanently OCR music (online outside music I'm considering is Piano Squall, which I'm sure you guys are all for to right?).

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