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  1. Congrats, Rob. 'Bout time.
  2. Streets of Rage Album

    Lol, oh? I didn't realize this project failed. And after all that pressure DusK was putting on me to get a wip together during the week of my wedding or to lose our claim. Aight then. ;D Well, our track has been pretty much finished for about a year and a half now. I think we do still need to get Sir J to record one bit of vox, but yeah, we're good to go here (will hook you up with a current copy if you need it). I'm down with sticking around for this project, I trust you'll take care of business, Gar. But if another year from now this thing still hasn't gone anywhere, we will be taking our track down another avenue. As a personal advice from a previous project director whose handled at least one stupidly long-term community project and many others, OCR and elsewise.. This whole 3-year 3-game project idea sounds great and all, but its been almost 2 years already since this project started. Please, just don't even think about SoR 2 or 3 until this one is looking some semblance of done. If this goes well, then by all means do a SoR2 project, we'd love to be a part of that as well. But we've all seen what happened with the FF5 project. I think my song for that is about 4 years old now. Hell, you might not even wanna do a SoR2 project after you finish this. Just put it out of your mind completely and focus on getting this first project done. Sorry if I sound like I'm going off the rails a bit here. I'm just sick of waiting on projects that can't get their shit together. And trust me, I know how it is to run a community project with so many moving pieces. It can be a bitch, getting people to finish tracks on a timeline, or even getting them to claim them in the first place. But if you're gonna try and create a project (let alone some crazy 3-part mega-project) involving so many people, you gotta take it seriously. You gotta treat it like a job, not just some thing you're doing for the hell of it. If you don't, everyone who put in hard work is gonna be pissed when you just give up. Be a boss, well, be a cool boss, we're all working for free here, but you gotta stay on your artists, and if they don't get shit done, fire them and find someone else. You don't need to be ridiculous with deadlines, but if a month has gone by and you haven't heard from ANYONE, then something needs to change. Again, I trust you'll take care of business. I don't think you would have taken over the project if you weren't serious about it. We chilled at MAG, I know you're a hella cool guy who's really invested in this community, and I really look forward to seeing this develop (for the second time). Please kick some ass.
  3. I typically just ignore stuff like this, but if you're gonna try and make some in-depth analysis of my music and creative choices with a list of vague, unhelpful comments thinly veiled as criticisms on a public review thread, then be prepared to elaborate because I'm going to defend myself. The lyrics may have aired on the humorous side, but we took this song just as seriously as any other we've ever made. It may have been crafted on a whim, but we poured just as much passion and inspiration and detail and care and love that we do to all of our tracks. If you want a different execution, feel free to do it yourself.
  4. Zone Runners (NEW ALBUM IS OUT!)

    Oh yeah. I guess we forgot to mention Sir J. ;D omg I did it I kept a secret
  5. Zone Runners (NEW ALBUM IS OUT!)

    Haha, yah, nah. TO is the man, but I am someone else. :3 Final teaser video now up: 5 days!
  6. http://zonerunners.net GET RUNNING, OCTOBER 13th on OverClocked Records, Loudr and iTunes! Hey everyone! After two long years, DiGi Valentine and I have finally completed our debut album as the vocal hip-hop duo Zone Runners. It contains 11 remixes spanning 9 different Sonic games, chronicling the (often mischievous) capers of halc the hedgehog and Valentine the Rabbit as they run through your favorite Zones. Check the links below for teasers; more to come over the next two weeks as we get near the release. ZR emblem designed by Lynne Triplett aka TRiPPY. Character illustrations by David "InstantSonic" Spencer and Kat "Chehaya" Khaled. Teaser 1: Teaser 2: Teaser 3:
  7. Behold the Day of halc!

    thanks, everybody!
  8. Hey, sorry, I missed this post originally! Did you ever get this to work? http://www.loudr.fm/release/club-kong/w7TTP - clicking the Buy button should drop down an email address box and a payment method selection on the same page. Is it still re-directing you when you try to click the Buy button? If so let me know, I can hook you up with the album and let the Loudr guys know that you're experiencing a possible bug..
  9. the way you mixed the two tracks together there at the end was masterful. good stuff as usual man.
  10. aye, I forgot I'm supposed to be producing this track for Tuberz. I'ma get to that soon.
  11. my track is submitted. hope you can take a bit of heat, miss wildfire.
  12. No plans for it at the moment, I know licensed VGM albums was something planned for the future but I don't think they are able to handle licensing yet? GameChops is handling the distribution which atm is exclusively through Loudr, iTunes and spotify I think.. As a PS, sorry I haven't responded to your interview for OCRecords yet. I have it about halfway done. I promise I will get back to you soon with a full response.
  13. Hey guys. I've just released my first officially licensed remix album, published by GameChops and channeling some of my favorite tunes from DKC1 and 2. The album contains 6 all-new tracks, including a bonus remix by Dj Cutman and a spoken introduction by the one and only brentalfloss. Club Kong is available now for $5 on Loudr, and the full album can also be streamed for free on the GC Soundcloud. Please enjoy, help spread the word, and of course, stay banana-riffic. >:] Download ($5): http://www.loudr.fm/release/club-kong/w7TTP Stream (free!): https://soundcloud.com/gamechops/sets/halc-club-kong Tracklist: 1. Welcome to Club Kong (DK Island Swing) ft. brentalfloss 2. Swept Away (Aquatic Ambience) 3. Monkey and Machine (Fear Factory) 4. Da Mines (Mining Melancholy) 5. Forever Frozen (In a Snow-Bound Land) 6. Da Mines (Dj CUTMAN Remix)
  14. my mix is started, lyrics in progress. this track gon' be funky.