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  1. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    For those whose tracks are finished and are NOT in BOLD GREEN font - please get with @Rotten Eggplant and give him your stems for your track so he can more better and effectively master the tracks for this album. Thank you!
  2. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    Great news everyone! Jason Covenant has finally agreed to take the last track: Gilder's Theme! With this, every single track has been claimed and we are already mastering the finished tracks and as of this posting, 4 are completed and marked finished! We are well on our way of making this huge album a reality hopefully sometime later this year! Get excited Arcadia fans!
  3. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    We are down to one last track unclaimed and I'm trying to claim a promise made to me about 2 years ago from @Jason Covenant a.k.a. Prophecy saying he would take the last unclaimed track, whichever one that was. I tried tracking down a reliable contact info from him, but outside of the PMs here at OCR which he hasn't checked since 2016 and websites for him that have been laid barren since 2011, is there any reliable way of contacting him?
  4. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    With no word from the MIA Kaiyoti, Gilder's theme is back up for grabs. That leaves us with his theme, Little Jack and Last Battle (which we'd love to be metal/rock). 3 unclaimed tracks, open for anyone.
  5. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    Last Battle is back up for grabs! We have Last Battle and Little Jack left to claim! Depending on which goes first, I may yet call upon @Jason Covenant to fulfill his promise and claim the final one! We're almost there to claiming that promise!
  6. album Stroggos Rising - Quake II Tribute Album

    I love how you went past the original soundtrack and included some from the expansions. I appreciate that.
  7. album Stroggos Rising - Quake II Tribute Album

    Try the bandcamp version, that's up still.
  8. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    That's awesome @Deedubs! And also, @Garpocalypse, glad you got a thrill out of it too! Speaking of which, we're still awaiting the final curtain call on your track! Don't keep us hanging!
  9. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    With the go ahead from @djpretzel, I waited until their OCRemix Panel was complete this past Saturday at MAGFest where they would premiere this exclusive preview of this album: Arcadia Legends! Now that the MAGFest panel is over, it is time to unveil the trailer to the rest of you who didn't make it to MAGFest this year! Hopefully you all enjoy the sneak peek soundbytes in this trailer and get hyped. For those who were on the fence of contributing to it, guess what? We still got a few more tracks left to claim! By all means, shoot us a note and we can get things started! We're almost to the end! Kudos to my co-director Modus for building off the base trailer I had created and making a fantastic version of it!
  10. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    Huzzah and Happy New Year everyone! Guess what? As of this morning, @pu_freak just submitted his finished track, which bumps us up to 24 tracks total out of 36. You know what this means? We are 2 CDs down of 3 CDs total of album music! We have only 12 more left to complete! Of those 12, 3 almost done, 2 being worked on, 3 awaiting word from their remixers for a WIP and 4 unclaimed. We are nearly there! Let's make this final push!
  11. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    Credits is back open again. We're back up to 4 unclaimed tracks again.
  12. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    Great news! I'm trying to get a few remixers to finish up their polish critique changes on their pieces/tracks and we should have 5 more tracks done with the album, which puts us up to 26 finished tracks for the album! And if you'll notice, I replaced the Epilogue track from Disc 3, move Theme of Reflection from Disc 1 to Disc 3 and put Ophanin's Dungeon Cave track at the end of Disc 1. So that's going to be one more finished track for the album in hopefully a few weeks! We're nearing the end everyone. We have 4 more tracks left to claim! Let's get this finished for 2018! Woooo!!!
  13. I'd honestly love to help out myself, since I adore this game, however I need to finish up Arcadia Legends first before I am going to be of any use/help. I do wish you all luck in getting this brought to fruition!
  14. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    I am still updating the track list on post 1 and is current as of this morning. We're still looking for some final WIPs to send to our volunteer OCR judges for some polish critiques and some WIPs that have received critiques and just waiting on polish before we can call them good. In fact, we can get as many as 5 labeled green and complete if any of the above happens in a short amount of time, putting our track list ABOVE the 2 disc mark, meaning, we'd only be working on the final and third disc worth of music, in terms of numbers of tracks left to finish! With that, we have 5 left unclaimed that we still need doing! I know I got a promise from @Jason Covenant two years ago that he'd be willing to take THE LAST TRACK left open, didn't matter what it was, so I will be coming to collect on that promise! So technically, we have 4 tracks lefts to claim! We're almost to the finish line everyone. Let's try for a 2018 release! Wooo!!! Oh yeah, and @TSori still needs someone to help him. He is struggling with the track and really wants assistance. Collab track please?
  15. This is a fantastic idea. For those not in the know, the Delphinus track can be a bit repetitive but as you travel through the six major continents flying around, subtle tones and beats get introduced that are representative of the culture of the continent you are flying past. I was thinking of having a main remixer handle the front and back ends of the main melody and six other remixers to vary up the middle according to the culture they choose to pick to modify the delphinus theme: Nasrad,Ixa'Taki, Yafutoma, Valua, Forgotten Ice Civilization, Lost Silver Civilization. That was my vision for the piece.