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  1. If anyone is up for it, I'd gladly lend my vocals to the mix as well. I have no problems doing so!
  2. Awesome! I'll take a listen this weekend! *busy trying to work and move into a new home* I'm still trying to find helpers for @Garpocalypse's track for the album. It is killing me that we can't find helpers to help him finish this track. :-\
  3. Everyone who contributed to the album! @Garpocalypse had an idea where we could all record our own Indian chanting and wah-wahs ourselves, like a cool, group project of those who worked on the album and he'd incorporate it into his track. This is literally the last thing he needs to complete the track! Let's all help him by recording our own voices doing the chanting as per the example he provided. Heartfelt Native American Stereotypical Wubba-Wubba's is how he described them.
  4. @Sentient Pulse, I need your final polished remix wav - unmastered. Please check your PMs, check the final critiques of the judges in those PMs. You are literally at the finish line. Finish up those fixes, send us the unmastered wav and your song is totally complete! (and do send developer's commentary too) I'd hate to have you spend all that time creating a fantastic remix only to have it not feature because we didn't get a final version!
  5. We still need Indian style wah-wahs for @Garpocalypse 's song for Ixa'taki. He had an example of what he was looking for earlier in the thread. He still hasn't got a response back yet for this and as far as I'm aware of, it's all he needs to complete this track. We need this done, please, if anyone can help him, drop a line here and PM him as well. Thank you!
  6. Hey everyone! I found a new job, my life is getting back in order and I'm eager to hop on board the Arcadia Legends hype train again and take over directing duties again! I've already PM'd quite a few up and coming new remixers that blazed onto the scene in recent months. I am going to get with Modus, my co-director, and recap what's happened in my absence, update the first post track listing as best as I can and begin to check in with every remixer currently on the books who still owe us a track. So expect me to get with each of you soon in the coming week(s). We're almost 2/3rds done with the entire 3-disc album! Come on everyone! The ending goal is in sight and we have almost a third disc's work of tracks left to claim! We got this!
  7. Due to creative process differences and how tight a schedule Yoann Tolpin has, he is no longer able to help out with the project and is withdrawing. So his three tracks he claimed: DELPHINUS, LAST BATTLE and JEALOUS are back up for grabs for anyone who wants them.
  8. @fxsnowy Can you please send me an unmastered wav file of your final song version via my email? I don't want to have to rip from a streaming service and get suboptimal quality as a result. Thank you.
  9. Just popping in to say I LOVE this type of volunteer collab going on right now between Sentient Pulse and TSori, keep this stuff up! PM each other if you have to if you haven't gotten a response yet from each other! Make it happen! As for me, life is still crappy and I'm busy every single day with rebuilding my life and finding a new job, etc. However, I do plan on getting back with fxsnowy and Moseph who sent me directly their full versions of their songs. I haven't forgotten, I just need time to sit down and devote to the tracks. Thank you for your patience.
  10. Hey everyone, If anyone is wondering what the heck happened to me and the silence on my end. I'm having some job loss, financial woes at the moment and real life is currently taking a really bad toll on me and my family. So I must retreat and focus on getting my real life in order before I can be any use to this project as a director. However, all is not lost and I have @Modus as my co-director to help and assist with your WIPs and tracks as necessary. @Gario and @timaeus222 should be aware now of Modus and if any finished WIPs come their way from him that it is legit and to critique as normal. Thanks so much for everyone who has helped and contributed already to the project and I hope we can get more remixers on board to round out the rest of the unclaimed tracks! This project is not dead, it's just progressing! I'll be back soon once my life is sorted out! I'll try to get to each of the PMs that has been sent my way in the past two months, I apologize for the delay. I'll get to each of you in due time this week. Thank you for understanding.
  11. Hey everybody, Garpocalypse is nearly done with his Horteka/Ixa'taki remix but he needs someone to assist him in a specific thing: (in his words) some heartfelt Native American Stereotypical Wubba-Wubba's. So if anyone could coordinate with him and record those things for him. That'd be AWESOME. Oh, and do let me know you're doing it so I know someone has answered the call!
  12. @Garpocalypse @Moseph - We need something finished to hand to the judges for final polish critiques by March 1st or at the LATEST mid-march or we're gonna have to unfortunately drop your claims. It's been nearly a year and a half. I'm really looking forward to both because both WIPs are sounding WONDERFUL. Please don't give up now! @djg-music @Sentient Pulse - You guys' tracks are SERIOUSLY AT THE FINISH LINE! DJG, you just need to implement the polish critiques from the judges and give me a unmastered final wav + developer's commentary and you're practically done. Sentient Pulse, you got that last third to work out before another round of polish critiques and we'll call you good. Almost there! @Tuberz McGee @fxsnowy - Please be patient with us. Gario and Timaeus222 are currently working hard and will squeeze in your polish critiques as they can. So sit tight and be ready to make some changes. It sounds like they're on the fence of being 'NO' before an actual panel. @Silent Ice @pu_freak - We got some great starter WIPs from you two but now we need something more substantial soon, preferably by March or during March. We need to know you're alive first off Silent Ice, no idea where you dropped off too. Akira Wing - Can't contact this guy anymore, isn't answering requests through his webpage. Provided I hear nothing from him by March 1st, Remote Town and Ramirez's Theme will be back up for grabs by then. And everyone who hasn't and submitted a final mix: Please sign the consent form! Found in the first post of this thread.
  13. @Aster You mentioned you're good with guitars? Looks like @TSori might be in need of your assistance with his track! Let me know if you guys can pair up and work it out!
  14. Don't be afraid to ask for collabs too @TSori, there have been a few already on this album and if you feel you can't do one instrument or part of the mix (like the spanish guitar), by all means reach out to others on the board. I will claim Drachma's Theme for you now. I'll check in at the beginning of March like I will for the rest of the folks currently signed on.
  15. Big hearty welcome to DJPRETZEL to the team! He will be claiming the Military Facility Dungeon track and I'm super excited to see what he has in store for us! He has one other obligation to clear out first but then it should be onto this album next! With him and @Yoann Tolpin claiming three tracks (ambitious!) things are looking up!