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  1. Hey everyone, If anyone is wondering what the heck happened to me and the silence on my end. I'm having some job loss, financial woes at the moment and real life is currently taking a really bad toll on me and my family. So I must retreat and focus on getting my real life in order before I can be any use to this project as a director. However, all is not lost and I have @Modus as my co-director to help and assist with your WIPs and tracks as necessary. @Gario and @timaeus222 should be aware now of Modus and if any finished WIPs come their way from him that it is legit and to critique as normal. Thanks so much for everyone who has helped and contributed already to the project and I hope we can get more remixers on board to round out the rest of the unclaimed tracks! This project is not dead, it's just progressing! I'll be back soon once my life is sorted out! I'll try to get to each of the PMs that has been sent my way in the past two months, I apologize for the delay. I'll get to each of you in due time this week. Thank you for understanding.
  2. Hey everybody, Garpocalypse is nearly done with his Horteka/Ixa'taki remix but he needs someone to assist him in a specific thing: (in his words) some heartfelt Native American Stereotypical Wubba-Wubba's. So if anyone could coordinate with him and record those things for him. That'd be AWESOME. Oh, and do let me know you're doing it so I know someone has answered the call!
  3. @Garpocalypse @Moseph - We need something finished to hand to the judges for final polish critiques by March 1st or at the LATEST mid-march or we're gonna have to unfortunately drop your claims. It's been nearly a year and a half. I'm really looking forward to both because both WIPs are sounding WONDERFUL. Please don't give up now! @djg-music @Sentient Pulse - You guys' tracks are SERIOUSLY AT THE FINISH LINE! DJG, you just need to implement the polish critiques from the judges and give me a unmastered final wav + developer's commentary and you're practically done. Sentient Pulse, you got that last third to work out before another round of polish critiques and we'll call you good. Almost there! @Tuberz McGee @fxsnowy - Please be patient with us. Gario and Timaeus222 are currently working hard and will squeeze in your polish critiques as they can. So sit tight and be ready to make some changes. It sounds like they're on the fence of being 'NO' before an actual panel. @Silent Ice @pu_freak - We got some great starter WIPs from you two but now we need something more substantial soon, preferably by March or during March. We need to know you're alive first off Silent Ice, no idea where you dropped off too. Akira Wing - Can't contact this guy anymore, isn't answering requests through his webpage. Provided I hear nothing from him by March 1st, Remote Town and Ramirez's Theme will be back up for grabs by then. And everyone who hasn't and submitted a final mix: Please sign the consent form! Found in the first post of this thread.
  4. @Aster You mentioned you're good with guitars? Looks like @TSori might be in need of your assistance with his track! Let me know if you guys can pair up and work it out!
  5. Don't be afraid to ask for collabs too @TSori, there have been a few already on this album and if you feel you can't do one instrument or part of the mix (like the spanish guitar), by all means reach out to others on the board. I will claim Drachma's Theme for you now. I'll check in at the beginning of March like I will for the rest of the folks currently signed on.
  6. Big hearty welcome to DJPRETZEL to the team! He will be claiming the Military Facility Dungeon track and I'm super excited to see what he has in store for us! He has one other obligation to clear out first but then it should be onto this album next! With him and @Yoann Tolpin claiming three tracks (ambitious!) things are looking up!
  7. You're more than welcome to claim an open track if you have intention of submitting a remix!
  8. @Clem Haven't heard from you in a long while and not much to show for your track. More folks are signing on recently and if I haven't heard anything by 15 Feb, I'm not sure where you stand on the album. Let me know what's going on. Otherwise I'm gonna have to open up the track to someone else. I tried PMing you but you haven't checked in since December. Hopefully you're still with us.
  9. @djpretzel Funny thing for 1., it seems someone had already added our project to the consent form a long time ago. So...Arcadia Legends is already part of the drop down menu! I checked and it does show 8 remixers already on board. No idea who but that's a great start! Also, me and Modus sent you a few emails with some pertinent director and art director questions. Did you ever get those? To avoid cluttering this thread up further, we can take it to DM/PM.
  10. Okay, I feel really dumb asking this, but maybe it'll help other directors who are working on their own albums for OCR. There is this legal consent form remixers have to sign to give permission to have their tracks featured on the remix album once released on OCR, yes? How can we, as directors get access and view our specific project's list of mixers who have already signed the form? EDIT: This is also the best place I figured to ask this question.
  11. TO ALL REMIXERS: We need your consent to use the tracks in the album, now that we are an official OCRemix album! For any who haven't done so and have submitted a finished WAV, please click the link and select this project and fill out the info ASAP. Thank you! This link is also in the first post of the thread. Please PM me (preferred) or post here once you've done it.
  12. @djpretzel This is amazing and has truly made my night! I can't believe we got approved but now gives me more determination to see this through! Does this now mean this thread moves to the projects forum? As for help needed, as much as I want you to take a track for yourself Pretzel, I know you're probably super busy. (But thought I'd just put that out there) However we are struggling to find remixers to claim the last 9 tracks and we are looking to drop a few who haven't responded in months with little to no progress. I assume that's common with most projects? My biggest concern right now is Akira Wing, he claimed not one but two tracks and then went silent since. No clue what's going on with him or if he's getting my messages. He's an awesome remixer and would do those tracks justice but if not, they're sitting unfulfilled and unattainable to those who might want them. If anyone has a reliable way of contacting him, that'd be most appreciated. Thanks again and can't wait to please Arcadia fans everywhere!
  13. Beginning of month update for Feb: @pu_freak I know things seem to be tough life wise with you, but hopefully it can settle down enough for you to get some quality time with the mix. @Silent Ice Need to hear from you man. You dropped off the planet and I can't seem to contact you. Your latest WIP was amazing and I'd love to see it finished! @fxsnowy Still waiting on some final feedback from @gario and @timaeus222 before we proceed forward. @moseph No idea where you went. Was waiting on a more final WIP end of Jan. @Kylok You're on track and sounding good. Keep it up! @Kaiyoti Your first WIP is amazing! I can't wait to hear more! @Garpocalypse I know you were ready to send me a final WIP one-two months ago. What happened? @Clem/Redg Another person who dropped off the planet and can't seem to contact. Need to know what's going on with this track, otherwise I'm going to open it back up again come March. @Tuberz McGee I need them guitars and other instruments in the near final WIP. Sounding good so far, but looking forward to more! @Sentient_Pulse You're on track, no worries. @djg-music Awaiting a final WAV file from you and developer commentary. Your track is basically done after those judge critiques. Let's put this one in the bag! AND Akira Wing...not a member on OCRemix...anyone got a reliable way of contacting this guy? He claimed two songs and then....poof....nothing.
  14. To all remixers both old and current on this album, please do NOT submit your remixes to OCRemix as a standalone track. We want any early releases to be specifically chosen, if any, to be revealed at the proper times. If it's submitted and gets accepted and posted on OCRemix without an Arcadia Legends project tag to go with it, we'll have no choice but to drop the track and claim from the listing and have someone else claim the track and be featured instead on the album. These songs are to be released as an album. Doing this will only delay the release of the album and hurt other remixers who have submitted to the project and are awaiting the release date of this album. Now as it stands, we are in the process of getting this album pre-approved to become an official OCRemix album. We are submitting the paperwork since we have enough tracks to show a decent amount of progress to include art if it comes to that. Once the decision has been made either way, I'll be posting the results here. So let's hope for the best everyone!
  15. Okay, starting at the first of the year and as detailed on the first post of this thread in the latest update. I'll be doing monthly update checks for all remixers recruited AND bi-monthly checks on remixers whose tracks are near finished so we can help push along all tracks to completion. So expect a PM from me everyone at the start of the year! Enjoy the holidays!