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  1. You could make your own PC and kill any Mac, if you don't use any Mac specific software. Maybe you don't like the Windows environment, I dunno, but I'd consider it if you need more horsepower. But it's ok to prefer the Mac OS, I guess. That's what we see people use in movies so it must be better.
  2. But why a MAC ? Do you think it's better for audio ?
  3. If it's to play guitar and looking for a plugin to make an amp, I suggest for an all-in-one solution. And it's great. If you want to compose with a keyboard/mouse and have something that sounds great, Zircon made this and Sixto plays the samples I have to idea how hard it is to use tho, but I heard really convincing tunes with it.
  4. I already feel limited by the lack of legato which I need 75% of the time and the Symphony Essentials don't have true legato;
  5. That's 1500$US though... for the "series" otherwise no legato. Not ready to pay that much hahah
  6. What's the difference between the VSL version included with Kontakt 5 and the VSL Pack 1 mentionned above, beside the obvious lack of legato ? Would you still suggest getting the VSL Pack if I already got the K5 bundle ? I beleive it's possible to script the legato with the bundled version, right ? Kontakt / VSL ... most amazing thing I bought this year. I can run 600 track projects without a hiccup.. I say forget Miroslav btw, that's what I've used for years unfortunately and it's not good. Big differences in volumes, horrible interface and browsing, 32 bit.
  7. What do you guys use for reverb ? I want a convulsion reverb but don't want to pay 500$... I plan on using it for guitars, drums and orchestral, and to create ambiances... I got a ton of IRs but only have those cab simulator IR loaders (I guess it doesn't matter) and the Reaper's Verbate thing to load them. For "fake" reverb, I'm currently looking at this; and really tempted to grab it right now with the 75% off deal
  8. Got Kontakt 5 for half the price... finally ! Good bye Ik Multimedia ! hahah 140 products at 50% on NI until the 1st.
  9. Just saw this on FB, I'd enroll if I had some time off but really can't. I'm sure some one you will tho !
  10. I'll save $ for K11 ultimate then lol
  11. Komplete 10 - Where to get it with a Black Friday discount ?
  12. I don't mind ads... (thanks, AdBlock Plus!). Keep the pennies you made with the 120k views I got with OCR (if any) ... it's only gonna help keep stuff on the servers or something. Why such a drama ? (No, I haven't read the 6 pages here lol).
  13. Thought you guys would like this trailer :
  14. I've only played Zelda 1, Link to the Past and OoT (completed the games, many times). I mean I touched Zelda 2, Majora's Mask and Windwaker just a few hours, but don't feel like I missed much. What are the solid ones I need to play to catch up ? I don't have a GameCube or a Wii-x-whatever but would like to play them on a single system. I'm definatly gonna get the new Nintendo and the Breath of the Wild tho
  15. LMAO I quoted you from 2012, well it's jandrews15's fault.