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  1. I think you need to delete that thread then, anyway, never got any WIP and don't have time for it anymore ...  
  2. Main difference here is that you cab get grants with that paper.
  3. How do you get over fear of failure?

    Some of the greatest discoveries came out of "failures".
  4. How do you get over fear of failure?

    I've never been scared so I can't give an answer to that but I'd say "just do it". And as that Nike slogan is used for sport, you could say writing music is like training a muscle. It is somehow; your brain. You do it, that's it. If it sounds good, it is, even if it sucks.
  5. Genre for Megaman X Style Metal?

    Japaneeses made the tunes too, that's important, they have a certain sound to them.

    The 80s, man just when I saw "Miami" I laughed. That was it. Gi Joe & Cobras, He-man, cheesy ninja movies, Ninja Gaiden and the NES, Van Dame, Akira, pink neons, synths, VHS cassettes and all the cheesy quotes from movies. And so many other things, from that era, the era where you had to replace a battery in your Zelda cardrige if it didn't save anymore and the SNES was a thing of the future. I was born in 84, so it's a vague nostalgia for me, like a old dream. It's probably even more funny for someone born in the late 70s.

    If you were born in the 80s, guys, you need to watch this. And even if you were not  
  8. e-Reader suggestions ?

    is this the right one ?
  9. e-Reader suggestions ?

    Oh thanks for this info .. definetly not a fan of having my stuff removed. I don't really plan on buying books, it's mostly for things I already have. Will it display pictures in a PDF ?
  10. e-Reader suggestions ?

    We've had an interesting discussion on the chat many moons ago but my brain doesn't record very well. Let's start from scratch.. Let me start by saying I MUCH prefer to read a real book than look at a screen, so I don't want anything backlit like an iPad. I'm looking for a reader that has the following specs;   1) Not a multi-function tablet, just a reader. 2) Must read many formats (and at least PDF). 3) A display that looks like paper and shows even when it's OFF. 4) Must display graphics, not just text, and accuratly, not deformed (for plans, tech manuals, scanned music sheets, etc)   So, to Kindle or not to Kindle ? Enlight me with your experience please..
  11. Logic or...?

    Here's a great site where you can get a well scanned of the original. The author died 107 years ago so don't worry too much for the "free" stuff.
  12. Computers for Composing

    Even for an old computer like mine which is almost 10 years old, the change the ssd made was phenomenal for the OS. Would love to have one for my samples too now that I think of it haha.
  13. Well that's what I meant, I'm your age, own a house, have two cars, 2 kids and even with a good paying job, I can't afford that just like that, I have other bills like you. I understand you didn't get my comment when I think about it.. I'm from an industrial town and I remember some kids I knew had summer jobs paying around 15000$ for ±3 months, without imposition (because they were students). 15000$ right in their pockets. They were able to afford expensive guitars, amps, bikes, etc.. but yeah a kid working at McDo's in the big city is a different story. Anyway, when they got the real job after they finished school, they didn't know what to buy so they put their money in cars and stuff, still living at their parents for a few years.. when you make 50k$ a year, live at your parents and are 19 years old (a kid), you usually don't have "much" to pay yet.. Now on topic; cause I think it's worth investing in pro-level tools when you can.
  14. 12k$ isn't "much" if it's your passion and you're young with a good job, living at your parents and whatnot. I know guys who bought 8000$ guitars, or spent 28000$ on a motor, etc... And I'm sure one can make much more than 700$ with something like that and determination. Great tools work great. This said, I wouldn't be ready to pay that lol, but maybe one day..